Mahabharata ff part 20


Scene 1 Location-Indraprastha.. The epi starts with Draupadi chasing a kid of 4-5 years.. He’s her son, prativindhya.. She calls him.. Prativindhya, come first finish your food.. Prativindhya runs and hides behind some curtains. Draupadi asks him to come out. If you won’t come out, I’ll complain to your father. Prativindhya runs away. Draupadi chases him again and her sari gets caught in a hook. She sighs..

Scene 2 Location-dwarka, Krishna’s room. Rukmini asks Krishna about his plan. At least don’t hide your plans from me Madhav. You know that I won’t tell anyone. I won’t tell dau. I won’t tell anyone about it. You trust me, na..
K-rukmini, if u wont tell it to anyone, then what’s the use of knowing it????
R- do you want me to tell it to somebody????
K- I dint say anything like that….
R- what do you want to say then❓
K-wait and watch dear..
R- I am unable to wait any more..
K- your wait will be over next morning..
R- pls pls pls pls tell na…. Krishna smiles ??..
R-see Madhav, if you want.. If that’s your wish..i won’t force you. I can wait for one day ?. My patience isn’t exhausted still.
K-it’s nice to know that your patience isn’t exhausted.. Tmrw morning will be a blast for Duryodhan ?.

Scene 3- it’s sunrise ? .. Location- dwarka. Subhadra wakes up and finds Krishna already waiting there.
S-bhaiyya, up so early??
K-yes… Now you go to temple ??
S-hmm alright but you’ll manage na.
K-you’ve any doubt on me??
S-not anymore ☺..
Subhadra goes to temple and Arjun is already waiting with a chariot to attack… No no I mean kidnap… He holds Subhadra by her hand and pulls her.. The plate drops from her hands. She’s about to shout while Arjun keeps his hand over her mouth. Come.. He makes her sit in the chariot and drives it away..

Scene 4- location- Indraprastha.. Prativindhya gets missing.. Draupadi looks on and finds him missing.. She asks dasi to go and check in whole palace to find him. Dasi goes in each room calling raj Kumar prativindhya….. Bt he’s nowhere to be found. Dasi comes and informs Draupadi who unhooks her sari.

Scene 5- location-marriage hall.. Subhadra and Arjun are wearing marriage dresses. The pundit utters mantras and lights the pure fire ?. Arjun apologizes to draupadi in his heart for doing this. They exchange garlands ?????. Krishna looks on. The pundit does the remaining rituals and Arjun subhadra take pheras/seven rounds around the fire ?. Arjun puts sindoor in subhadra’s forehead. They finish other rituals. The marriage is complete ?.. Krishna hugs both of them and asks them to go and do everything according to plan. I’ll reach there soon ??..

Scene 6- location, Indraprastha.. Draupadi cries on finding her son missing and shouts prativindhya‼‼‼ .. Yudhishtira n other pandavas are alarmed hearing the sound and go there. Draupadi tells them ask that happened .. They get shocked ?. Yudhishtira assures Draupadi that nothing will happen to her son. He orders the soldiers to find out prativindhya at any cost. The screen freezes at split screen of draupadi, Arjun, subhadra and duryodhan.

Precap- Draupadi suspiciously ? asks Arjun- who’s this lady with you?? Balram shouts Arjun….. Duryodhan is furious ?

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