Mahabharata ff part 2 (lakshagrah)

Recap -Yudhishtira is crowned as yuvraj. Duryodhan sends them for picnic at varnavrata.

The pandavas explore the marvellous palace, studded with gems and stones and the day sets but they keep exploring the place. Bheem and Arjun try to find signs of something fishy.
At night at last they decide to sleep ?. Shakuni calls duryodhan and his brothers.
Vidur overhears their convo.
Shakuni- my dear child Duryodhan, I’ll ask my man to set the wax palace on fire ? tomorrow night ?. Tomorrow it will be last day of pandavas life.
Dushasan- wax???
Shakuni-yes my dear child ? … The house is a lakshagrah/house of wax. Now the pandavas have no means of escape.
All the kauravas laugh evilly. Vidur is tensed..
The next day vidur decides to meet pandavas and tell the truth.. Or otherwise give them a clue. Bheem wants to eat kheer. Puskar, once of shakuni men, brings sacks of rice ?. He thinks after eating it pandavas will be in deep sleep…
He keeps sacks of rice ?. Bheem gets angry ? u only bought rice? Also bring sugar and milk. I want Kheer. All the pandavas laugh. Puskar says we have cows for milk. Bheem -and sugar??
Puskar-we have sugar.
He goes. The pandava brothers taunt bheem. They notice a rat coming out. The rat ? runs away. Bheem laughs and taunts the rat calling him coward. Arjun points out that maybe there is something mixed in rice ?.. Bheem replies – well, we’ll check out later.
The kheer is ready. All r about to eat it when bheem spots the same rat. He puts the bowl of kheer on front of him. The rat tastes a bit and falls down. It’s poison!!! Bheem remarks. He rushes to see out all r sitting. Kunti is about to eat the spoon when bheem shouts warning ⚠ her not to eat the Kheer. It’s poisonous. All r shocked and drop their spoons. The next moment they see the palace set on fire ?. Bheem points yudhishtira. He nods his head. They rush towards their room of the palace. Fb shows that Vidur tells the pandavas about ill plan of kauravas. The pandavas dig a deep tunnel under their room. Fb ends. They slowly but still fast creep down the tunnel and reach a forest.
Bheem wants to go back and revenge the kauravas. So wants Arjun the archer. But Yudhishtira tells them they must stay in disguise in the forest, so kauravas think that they r dead. Meanwhile, we’ll come to know of their plans. They slowly slowly cross the forest. Whilst crossing it they spot that the forest is mysterious. This maybe a demonic forest remarks Arjun. They think of changing their direction. The forest Is a mayavi one. There r demons living in it. The king hidimba smells a human being. Her asks his sister hidimbi to go and bring them. Today I’ll have a hearty meal. The pandavas find out that they’re trapped. Hidimbi reaches there and asks them if they’ll help her. Wats the matter, asks bheem. Hidinbi replies that demons r attacking their place. The pandavas go with her. They reach deep inside the forest.

Precap-demons attack bheem, he killed all of them. Hidimbi marries bheem.

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