Mahabharata ff part 19


The epi starts with Krishna and Arjun taking..
K-Partha I’ve just one way in my mind, which can stop the marriage of my sister with that evil minded person.. But u’ll have to help me..
A-I’ll surely help you Madhav.. But how can I help you?? Pray tell me my role in this righteous work..
K-the job is righteous but the way isn’t..
Arjun looks puzzled..

K-I don’t know how u’ll react to this.. But the one way I see is that… You take my sister away.. Far away from this place..
A-how could I?? It’ll.. It’ll be kidnapping Madhav… And then.. It can result in enmity of the two kingdoms.. Isn’t there any other way.. Umm.
K-after alot of thinking, I’ve come to this decision of mine… You’ll have to take her far away.. And probably marry her..
A-marry her???? I’ll hv to take her to Indraprastha right??? Your sakhi, my wife, the glorious Panchali, would never agree with her staying in the palace..
K-oh.. Is it soo,.. I’ve a way out..

A-I know u’ll have ways to every problem, but I can’t help you with it.. the main reason being Panchali and the enmity..
K-perhaps its the fate of my sister to be married with that evil minded, ill-fated man..
Saying sooo Krishna turns to go whilst he’s stopped by Arjun..
A-Madhav… Wait… If that’s your wish, just to save the princess, thy sister from that ill-fated Duryodhan, I’m ready to help you.. For the sake of humanity and wellness of thy sister.. Tell me how’ll it happen.. I know I can trust on you, as a friend and well-wisher. You won’t let any problem related to this affect me..
Krishna tells him something which is muted.. Arjun is worried but Krishna assures him.. He leaves.. Arjun nods.. Tmrw is last day of this exile.

Arrival of Duryodhan…. Along with his uncle shakuni , brothers and friend karna, Duryodhan makes his entry in the city of dwarka warmly welcomed by balram.. Krishna looks on and smiles.. Your attempt will fail Duryodhan.. Revati and rukmini console subhadra that Krishna will surely find a way out.. Subhadra is sure that Krishna won’t let anything wrong happen with his sister. Balram takes duryodhan inside the palace. Shakuni is worried seeing the smile of Krishna. He always has some type of plan.. Duryodhan tells him not to worry. Fearing the rage of balram, this cowboy won’t do anything. He knows how much balram loves me.. He smirks ?. Shakuni tells him not to be more than over confident. This Krishna, he… He is magical creature.. He can… Can do anything..
Oh.ho stop shivering mamashri.. It’s not too cold here,.. These words are spoken by Krishna, which further frighten mamashri… He smirks ?. Balram organises a grand feast for his so called brother in law…
Later Krishna tells subhadra about his plan. Subhadra’s happiness has no bounds now.. She happily hugs her brother.. Krishna tells her that he’s already made all the arrangements for the wedding. U’ll hv to do it… She nods… Duryodhan, now I see how u’ll marry my sister.

Precap-Draupadi shouts prativindhya‼‼
Arjun marries Subhadra.

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  1. Nita D

    Wow vanshu……awesome…..i didn’t knew that u write ff on mb as well ….came to know today….its nice dear….many parts of this were not shown in starbharat, so nice to see someone writing it…..

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