Mahabharata ff part 18

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Recap-Arjun married Chitrangada. balram fixes Subhadra marriage with duryodhan and invites him.

The epi starts with subhadra looking at Arjun aka tapasvi. She feels that he’s someone else than what he looks. She hears some people talking that he’s the mighty prince of hastinapur, the son of kunti, Arjun.. Subhadra glares at Arjun and thinks about his valour.. The man I would… Really like to marry….. Must have.. She is interrupted by the dasi who tells her that she’s gettin late. Subhadra nods to the dasi n goes looking at Arjun…
Arjun decides to meet Krishna before returning home whilst Krishna decides to somehow get Subhadra freed from duryodhan. Subhadra tells Krishna about the tapasvi aka Arjun.. Krishna smiles n says that if that’s so.. I’ll meet him.. Subhadra smiles thinking about him and the next day she again goes to meet Arjun. A week passes by and subhadra daily goes to the ashram of tapasvi aka Arjun..

The next day balram gets suspicious about subhadra going daily somewhere.. He decides to follow her, but is stopped by Krishna..
Dau, where r u going..
“wherever, not ur concern kanha”..
Subhadra takes the thali and goes.. Balram follows her.
Krishna whispers something in dasi ears. Dasi goes and brings a thali, and gives it to balram.
“what’s it????”
“this is thali.. U r going to temple right??”
“yes.. U r following subhadra jiji.. She’s going temple”
“okay okay… Umm. U take the thali n go.. I’m also going”
Krishna smiles relieved ?..balram thinks of following the next day..
Subhadra returns and calls Krishna…
“what’s it?? Everything okay sister??”
“Vo…bhrata..actually…I .. Had to..make a request… From u…”
“say say….”
“actually…”(blushes away)
Krishna looks at the expression of her face ☺☺??… And says…
“umm… I’ve understood… I’ll manage… Don’t worry”
Subhadra looks at him ??… How he guessed… Anyway..i know he’ll always be right…
Krishna leaves the palace, again to be stopped by dau..
Kanha, where r u going…
“to the temple…”
“the family members of the Royal family r very religious.. What’s the need for you to go to the temple”
“dau.. Near the temple there’s an ashram”
” behind the ashram there’s a ground”
“sooooo r u going to play with kids there”
“in the ashram there’s a tapasvi”
“sooo..r u taking sanyaas.”
“it’s the marriage of our sister”
“I know.. Stop trapping me in your words”
“who’s gonna dare trap you dau.. We must give some alms to the poor on the marriage, I’m going…”
“where are the alms”
“here” Krishna smiles and alms appears in his hands.. Balram is confused ?.
“they weren’t there”
“they were.. Anyway I’m going”Krishna goes..
Balram thinks he again fooled me by his magic… Krishna….
Rukmini looks on and says.. Dau… Some arrangements are to be done… You’re needed.. Krishna had told her that she had to keep balram captivated in work…

Krishna reaches the ashram and meets Arjun..
“Madhav…. You here”
“why?? Who said friends can’t meet each other”
“I was just asking… Everything fine??”
Krishna keeps the alms on the table.. They hug each other…
Arjun asks Krishna to sit..
“Partha forgive me.. But I don’t have time to sit.. For dau must be waiting.. Arrangements are to be made for the marriage..”
“marriage??????? Whom????”
“that evil duryodhan is going to marry my sister, subhadra, who comes in the ashram every morning”
“how can you let it happen”
“I’m not letting it happen. But it is the wish of dau.. None succeeded in failing it,. ”
“that’s why I’ve come to you”
Arjun and Subhadra are shown in split screen..

Precap-entry of duryodhan’s party…

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