Mahabharata ff part 17


Hi dears… I’ve finally updated after a long break.. Sorry fr the late updates.. And the short part..

Recap-Arjun marries ulupi. Draupadi gives birth to her son, prativindhya
The epi starts with Chitrangadas father telling Arjun that this marriage will only happen if her son will b raised here. Arjun n Chitrangada are in split screen. Arjun agrees with the condition of the king. Ur Daughter shall live with u bt pardon me as I can’t stay here for long. I’ve to continue my tapasya and return to my state. Chitrangada pleads to her father to allow the marriage. The king agrees on the condition that Arjun will stay there till a son is born to her. Arjun agrees with him and the marriage takes place. After 3 years a son named babruvahana is born to the princess ? and Arjun leaves the city and proceeds.. Fb ends…
Arjun reaches an ashram of dwarka.
In Krishna palace..
Devki – our daughter has grown up enough to be married..
Vasudev – yes.. So she has..
Balram – hmm. I’ve someone who cn marry her..
Devki- then why’re you hesitating
Balram-what about Duryodhan??
Devki-that duryodhan… He..
Krishna – dau, watts wrong?? You’re subhadra brother why’re you behaving like her enemy?? She can’t be married to such sinner who tries to kill his brothers?? How can she remain happy with an egoistic guy?? It’s the matter of her life??
Balram-he’s a brave warrior and good hearted.. Joining alliance with hastinapur will benefit us financially..
Krishna-good hearted?? What r u speaking? You’re being too selfish to think of your sister’s life.

Subhadra looks on teary eyed. She recalls Krishna’s words about Duryodhan. He was really an egoistic man..
Balram-sometime toh u listen to me kanha.. He future will be bright..,
Krishna-bright‼‼ that too with someone whose future is in the dark?? Just because he’s ur student, u’ll..
Balram -kanha, it’s not matter of partiality.. My decision is final … I won’t listen to you now.. And goes .
Krishna notices subhadra listening to their convo but doesn’t react.. Everyone goes. Krishna follows Subhadra.
She cries ? sitting in her room..
S-bhrata (and hugs him). Its my marriage and none even came to stop it. Dau doesn’t want me to live happily. That’s why he fixed my marriage with that cruel Duryodhan who can never..
K-subhadra… I understand ur plight my dear my dear… Bt don’t you worry, till ur brother Krishna is present no one can marry you against your wish.. If dau doesn’t listen to us telling him the consequences of this marriage then I won’t let you marry this evil minded person .. Umm… I’ll go and try to convince dau. You go in the temple and pray ?.. Ya, a tapasvi is living in the ashram near the temple.. You can go and also serve him in someway.
S-okay, as u r sayin, I’ll go.. She takes the dasi and goes.. Krishna goes to meet balram and tries to convince him bt they don’t agree. Then he talks to his parents and family members but they deny help telling him that they can’t go against balram. Balram sends to Duryodhan an invitation letter and asking him to agree with marriage proposal to his sister. Meanwhile Subhadra goes temple and does the puja. She looks at the tapasvi aka Arjun.

Precap–Krishna tells Arjun that Duryodhan will marry subhadra to spoil her life..

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