Mahabharata ff part 16


Recap-Arjun leaves for tapasya. The brothers share a hug. Arjun walks away ?. Draupadi looks on sadly. The year she’s to spend with Arjun, she takes sanyaas.

Draupadi is sitting in her hut. She recalls Arjun. She recalls putting garlands in his neck.. She’s lost in his memories and falls ? sleep,,
Draupadi is in the palace. She is making the bed. Dasi ask whether she needs any help. She says no.. She cleans the bed and makes the sheet. She wipes the table and suddenly feels dizzy ?. She asks the dasi to bring a glass of water for her. Dasi goes. Draupadi falls down and a showpiece kept on table also falls down. The dasi comes back is socked to c Draupadi like that. She goes to inform Yudhishtira. Yudhishtira accompanied with the vaid n other pandavas reach the room. Yudhishtira picks Draupadi and puts her on the bed. The Vaidya examines her n smiles. Yudhishtira asks the reason. The lady says she’s pregnant. All the pandavas r ? happy ?. Draupadi wakes up and finds everyone sitting by her bed. She asks the reason while yudhishtira tells her ask that happened. Draupadi looks at him and tries to get up. Yudhishtira asks her to rest. All the others congratulate her and go away. Yudhishtira keeps his hand on her forehead.
..After 9 months of sweet wait..
Draupadi is roaming in the garden while she feels pain in her stomach. The dasi takes her to her room and calls the lady vaid. Draupadi gives birth to an elegant son. The rishi names him prativindhya.. Yudhishtira takes the baby in his lap and smiles ? ? ? ?..
Arjun decides to live the last months of his exile in dwarka. Fb shows Arjun starting his journey. Arjun decides that he’ll live in ganga ghat for some time. He dives in the deep waters and a Naga princess ? sees him. This sequence follows for some days while the Naga princess ? falls for Arjun. The next day Arjun is praying in the water. The princess holds arjuns leg and further drags him in the water while Arjun looks at the lovely princess.. Who’re you and what do you want…. I’m uloopi, the princess replies.. I’m the daughter of the naagraj n I live in the deep underwaters of the holy ganga.,
Arjun asks her to leave him.. You’re a female I’m not hurting you, you leave me right now….. Uloopi looks at him and says I’ve not caught you to leave.. You’ll not go anywhere.. Arjun looks at the princess whilst she continues to drag him underwater.. Finally they reach nagaloka where uloopi tries to convince Arjun to marrying her.. You are too beautiful to deny, but I am on my celibacy in this pilgrimage and can’t do that to you, comes the reply. Uloopi argues with him.. Ur celibacy is only limited till ur wife Draupadi, prince Arjun. Arjun looks on shocked. Uloopi replies that she knows everything and he’ll hv to marry her. On the basis of such arguments Arjun agrees to marry uloopi, but he lays a condition that he’ll only stay with her for one day. He feels as about draupadi. Uloopi agrees after alot of argument and their wedding takes place… The next day Arjun leaves. After some months uloopi is shown with a baby boy named iravan. He’s Arjun and her son..
Arjun meanwhile continues his journey and reaches a kingdom enclosing Orissa and Manipur. The princess of the kingdom is thrown off by his beauty and introduces herself. I’m Chitrangada, the princess ? of the kingdom of Orissa. She purpose m proposes Arjun to marry her. Her father comes just then and says this marriage will only happen if her son will b raised here.. Arjun n Chitrangada are shown in split screen..
Precap–Arjun marries Chitrangada. Fb ends. Arjun goes to Krishna and they share a hug. Duryodhan is shown..

Dears I’m sorry for typo errors if any as I’m in a hurry so I dint check it after typing.. Pls comment and tell if u liked the update.. Was it dragging or much slow?? Or is it fast forward.. Pls tell me.. Ok ? bye..

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