Mahabharata ff part 15

Recap-a thief steals cows. Arjun enters in Draupadi’s room to take his gandiv. He says I’ll bear the punishment for this loss. Draupadi is shocked.

Draupadi is wandering around in the room. Arjun packs his belongings to leave. He looks at the clothes and takes off his crown ?. Yudhishtira asks Draupadi to sleep. She takes her crown ? n looks at the stones. She thinks that this is the result of her being partial towards him. Apart from a husband being seperated from his wife, a brother is seperated from his brothers. Finally she lies on the bed and closes her eyes ??. Dawn time.. The sun is about to rise ?. Arjun leaves. Yudhishtira ask Him 2 stop ✋. Arjun looks back and says jyaisth… Yudhishtira asks him wont be meet his brothers b4 leaving . Arjun smiles ?. The other brothers come n hug him. Draupadi looks on teary eyed ? while Arjun asks her to smile ?. Yudhishtira says pranam vasudev. How r u here ?. Draupadi looks behind and find no one there. She looks at Yudhishtira. The brothers laugh ?. Draupadi looks at them n smiles. Yudhishtira wipes her tears. Arjun asks whether anything is left now. Yudhishtira says yes. Arjun asks what? The people come there n cheer for Arjun.
Arjun smiles. The people ask him to take care and return soon. Arjun gets them and goes. The pandavas and Draupadi return to the palace. Arjun goes towards a mountain range.
–•–•–•–•After 1 ½ years–•–•–•–•
Bheem asks Draupadi what’s her plan fr the next year (she was going to spend with Arjun) Draupadi says that she’ll do what Arjun is..
Bheem asks what r u saying? Do u mean..
Bheem asks her nt to joke about it. How can you do..
Draupadi tells him that she’ll manage. Yudhishtira asks her how they’ll manage the empire without a queen ?. Draupadi says she has full faith that he as a good samrat can handle the empire efficiently. It’s only one year. She calls the dasi and tells her that she’ll not stay in the palace for one year. The pandavas look on shocked ?. She tells dasi to continue the routine they hv been continuing for these years. If u need to ask anything you can come in my hut/kuttiya. I’ll make my food there only n live there. If I’ll need food ingredients I’ll take grains from u. She says that she’ll make food n… Draupadi says that she’ll make food herself. Dasi goes. Draudadi goes outside the palace n looks. That’ll be a right spot for the house. N that’s a lovely garden ?… She returns..
—-It’s morning ?? —-
Draupadi (in a sadhvi clothes) is gathering the belongings for the hut. The pandavas ask if she needs any help. She refuses. I’ll do. You don’t worry about me. I’ll manage it. It’s nothing difficult in it. She builds the hut and lights the woods. A dasi brings the grain sacks. She asks if Draupadi needs anything else. She refuses. Dasi asks how can she east food without spices. She says I can. Dasi tries to say something but Draupadi tells her not to worry. There’s nothing wrong in what you r thinking as u r worried about me but don’t worry. I can do it. Love is a power that can make even the impossible possible. Dasi goes. Draupadi cooks the food and thinks of Arjun. She eats the food. Arjun is also shown eating. ??

Precap– Draupadi is cleaning the table and falls down. Vaid checks her n smiles ?. A baby is shown ?.. Fb shows Arjun traveling through the sacred places.

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