Mahabharata ff part 14

Recap-the pandavas along with Krishna’s suggestions and Draupadi’s help set up the empire of Indraprastha and hold a puja. Duryodhan orders that none should leave hastinapur to go to indraprastha now..

Draupadi lights the diyas of her room. Yudhishtira looks on n says u r looking good today. She thnx him.. The ? flame flutters.. Draupadi is tensed. Something bad is gonna happen today. It’s the sign ‼
In front of the palace in a colony.. A milkman is milking the cow ?. A man comes and tells him That his wife had called him. She’s in some trouble.. U should go. Milkman asks who’re you?? He says I’m a resident of the colony in front. I saw ur wife running here after selling the milk. I stopped her n asked her why she’s running. She asked me to call you so.. The milkman thanks him and goes. The person turns out to be a thief who steals the cows and laughs. The milkman’s wife denies of sending any person. The milkman rushes back home n is shocked to see the cows Missing.. He sees that man taking the cows away and shouts… Help help.. Help help.. Arjun is passing by n stops hearing the noise.. Milkman shouts help help he’s taking my cows away thief thief… Save my cows from this cheat someone… Arjun looks there n then looks towards his hands. He says my gandiv.. He rushes towards the palace and enters his room. He is shocked to see the gandiv missing. He tries to recall where he had kept the gandiv. He recalls keeping the gandiv in Draupadi’s room when he went there to meet Yudhishtira. He runs ? towards Draupadi’s room. He opens the door ? n finds the gandiv on the table. He picks it up n goes away running ?. Yudhishtira is resting on Draupadi’s lap. They’re shocked to see Arjun come like lightning ⚡ n go.. Yudhishtira says Arjun. He gets up n rushes outside to know what’s happening there… Arjun shoots many arrows. Yudhishtira n bheem look on as the thief runs away. Arjun returns the cows to the milk man who is extremely happy ?. Arjun apologizes to Yudhishtira for entering d room without his permission. I’ll face the punishment for doing so. Draupadi looks on teary eyed ?. Bheem asks him to first come inside. They go inside. Arjun says that he’ll go for 12 years tapasya as planned. Fb shows Yudhishtira telling the other brothers that anyone who’ll Interfere with another brother n draupadi in their year than he’ll have to go for 12 years tapasya . Fb ends. All r shocked.. Yudhishtira says but that was.. Arjun says that I know u want to say that I dint come in the room by any such objective and then that was just my helplessness to help that poor milkman, right? But it was my mistake to leave the gandiv bow in ur room and I do deserve punishment for it. Draupadi says that twelve years punishment is too long for leaving a bow in someone’s room. Arjun says but it’s a crime to enter in anyone’s room like that.. Bheem tells him that it wasn’t his mistake. Arjun says it was and I’m going tmrw itself. Draupadi asks Yudhishtira to stop him. Yudi says that if it is his wish to go then how can we stop him? Draupadi sys u can, u r d samrat n u can stop him. Only you can stop him.
Yudhishtira sys that we can’t stop him as he isn’t doing anything wrong. I know it wasn’t his mistake but he did enter our room n that’s the truth. Draupadi cries ?.

Precap-Arjun leaves for tapasya. The brothers share a hug. Arjun walks away ?. Draupadi looks on.

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