Mahabharata ff part 12


Recap-the snakes bite the praja.
indradev shoots a vajra on Arjun. Krishna comes and cuts it with his sudarshan chakra. Indra is shocked. Maya builds beautiful city. Arjun names it Indraprastha.
The pandavas on Krishna’s suggestion distribute the houses for the praja. The praja is extremely happy ?. The pandavas, Krishna, Draupadi and some servants n soldiers go to the palace. They r delighted to see the magnificent beauty of the palace. A magnificent flower garden ?, awesome gem studded walls, beautiful drapes.. It’s awesome!!! Draupadi tells the pandavas that she’ll set up the things in all the rooms.

She asks the servants to bring the goods. She selects the rooms fr the pandavas n her n instructs the servants to set the things. She sets the goods in the kitchen and the other rooms. The pandavas select the soldiers for the army. Draupadi tells them that she’ll choose the best dasis. The pandavas agree. She goes to cook food ?? and makes list of ingredients they’ll need in kitchen. Finally al the things r set up. Draupadi waters the plants ???? and smiles ☺. She tells dasi to bring more seedlings..
Bheem brings sacks of grains n keeps them in store room. He goes to draupadi n asks her if the food is ready. I’m hungry ?. Yudhishtira comes n sys he’s always hungry. Come n first do some more work then u’ll b given food ?

Draupadi tells him that there’s yet a long time for the food to cook so.. Yudhishtira takes bheem away. There’s a big mess… Krishna comes next in the kitchen. He tells Draupadi he’s hungry as well.. The dasis laugh. Krishna asks them the reason of their laughing ?. Draupadi replies that if so many people will come with the same question again n again then what’ll happen.. They’ll laugh only. The food is not ready. It’ll take time. You wait for some time. Krishna smiles and goes ?. Draupadi asks dasi to cut fruits. She distributes the work among them. You cut vegetables, you grind flour, you grind spices….

In hastinapur, Duryodhan is agitated by the large amount of people leaving the city. How is it possible??? None shall leave.. He scolds shakuni. He asks karna and his brothers to close the gate of the state n guard it. None should leave the empire, none… If anyone leaves the empire then what’ll be use of this kingdom? People should fear ? me. Hurry up and go ahead. They leave. Karna closes the door ? n stops anyone from going away. Dusshasan steps ahead. The people r angry ? n sad ?. Dusshasan smirks ?.
A week passes away…..
The kingdom of Indraprastha is totally set and Krishna n the pandavas arrange for a yagya n puja. Draupadi is making the Laddoos. Bheem peeps in the kitchen. He says ladoos… Draupadi turns and sees him. She tells him that he’ll not get any Laddoos till the puja is over. These r for Prasad. Draupadi hides the plate of ladoos. No means no. Bheem sighs and goes away. Draupadi is relieved ?. . The dasi appreciates her.
The puja takes place.. Draupadi and Yudhishtira put ghee in the sacred fire ? n pray ?. Bheem looks at the Laddoos.

Arjun asks him to close his eyes n ?..
Draupadi n yudhishtira offer flowers ??.. The puja is over. Draupadi distributes the Prasad. Bheem is happy ? n eats it. The others laugh at him.
Krishna tells the pandavas that he’s going now. They ask him to stop for some more time.. Krishna says that he has some other work to finish so he has to go. Arjun asks him to stop for one more day.. Krishna says in this way you’ll stop me for a month Partha. He greets the pandavas ? and goes.. Draupadi looks on..

Precap– A villager shouts help help he’s taking away my cows ??.. Arjun looks on n says my gandiv… He rushes towards the palace.

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