Mahabharata ff part 11


Recap-the pandavas discuss which area to choose. In the sabha Yudhishtira says khandav prastha.. Al r shocked. Duryodhan is glad ?

Draupadi tells the pandavas that she’s prepared for almost everything. These r the ppl who’ll go with us. The pandavas r shocked to see more than ½ half of hastinapur gathered there. They cheer for Yudhishtira and Panchali.. They take blessings from all elders and leave. Bhishm, vidur and Kunti r teary eyed ?..
Draupadi sits in the palki n the pandavas board a chariot. Their caravan leaves. Duryodhan is furious at the large amount of ppl leaving with pandavas. Shakuni tells him that the ppl will return soon as the pandavas won’t do anything.. Hahaha hahaha hahaha… None can change their fate Now…
Draupadi sees a temple in the way and asks pandavas to first do prayers. They agree. The whole praja pray ?. Draupadi offers flowers to shivling??.. They al leave. Finally they reach khandav prastha area. It’s whole forest and only forest their. Nakul and sahdev take their swords and go to cut the jungle. Their swords bounce away n they fall. Every one look on shocked ?.. Arjun aims a fire ? arrow ? n it rains… Everyone r shocked. Arjun says that agni dev is as powerful as indra dev. I’ll pray ? to him he’ll help us. Agni dev appears n everyone join hands n greet him. He asks Arjun the reason for calling him. Arjun tells him that he wants him to burn khandav prastha area for them. Agni dev says I’m willing from long time to burn this forest but what about indra?? His rains here always stop me.. Arjun tells him not to worry. He takes an arrow n utters a mantra. He shoots many arrows creating a net all over the forest while Agni burns the forest. A messenger informs the same to indra dev. He’s furious. All the snakes come out of the forest. They attack the praja. Yudhishtira asks Panchali to take all the ppl to a safe place. We’ll handle the snakes ??. Meanwhile the snakes attack al the ppl n they falk unconscious. A snake attacks draupadi but bheem saves her. All the snakes return to the forest. She’s upset on seeing all the praja like this.. Everything finished in a moment.. She cries ?. Indra dev furiously shouts on his soldiers, can’t u handle it?? I’ll go myself. He goes there n asks Arjun to stop burning the whole forest. Otherwise I’ll have to kill u. Draupadi worries n recalls Krishna. Indra dev says that u r my son that’s why I’m warning u otherwise I would hv killed u. Arjun folds his hands n says if u hv to protect a promise father then I also hv to, even if I have to give my life for it. Pandavas n Draupadi r shocked ?. Indra dev says its okay ? then. He takes his vajra/bone weapon. Draupadi worries. Indra throws his vajra. Arjun closes his eyes ?. Krishna’s sudarshan chakra clashes with the vajra and it goes back to Indra. All r shocked ? to c Krishna. Arjun opens his eyes ? n sees Krishna n says Madhav… Indra asks Krishna not to come on his way. Krishna tells him that he has no need to fight against Arjun. Y r u protecting promise made to takshak? Indra thinks that he can’t harm Arjun as Krishna is there. Yudhishtira asks Krishna to save the lives of the unconscious people. Krishna says they can’t be saved. The snakes were very poisonous. Draupadi pleads to him to save the people. U cant say like this. Krishna tells that he was kiddin. Maya comes out of the forest n hides behind Arjun. Takshak is killed in the forest. The forest burns and the snakes come out again. Indra dev looks on. They bite the people again. Arjun kills all the snakes ??. Arjun asks Maya his introduction. Maya replies that he’s takshak architect. Krishna asks Arjun not to kill him. He’s useful for you. Arjun asks how?? Krishna says he’ll build the city for us. Maya says he’ll build special effects city ?. Yudhishtira agrees and Maya builds a beautiful city. Arjun says we’ll name it Indraprastha after u Devraj Indra.

Precap-Draupadi says that she’ll choose the servants. Bheem n Arjun r testing people to make army.

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