Mahabharata ff part 10

Recap-the pandavas reach hastinapur where there is a big drama on crown prince ?… Finally shakuni suggests division…

The epi starts with bhishm pitamah telling that division isn’t the only way.. There r many others ways to solve this problem but Duryodhan agrees that the empire will b divided. Bheem says what he wants will b fulfilled.. We’ll divide the empire according to him.. Dhitrashtra agrees. Bhishm pitamah is very upset about it ?.. The court is finished. Everyone leave from there.
Draupadi and the pandavas keep their belongings in a room. Draupadi asks the servant to bring the map of the kingdom. The servant goes. Yudhishtira thinks something. Bheem says that he’ll not allow the kauravas to take their empire. The servant brings the Map. Yudhishtira says this is the area of hastinapur. He marks it and says that this is khandav prastha, the forest area and it comes under hastinapur. Bheem is angry ?. Y l v take this barren land when other things are available for us? I’ll jus not leave that duryodhan and his… Draupadi tells him that this will b better than taking hastinapur. None will object and if we wish then we’ll surely turn it into a prosperous kingdom. Arjun says but this land is cursed. Draupadi says they can have a solution for it. Dasi comes with fruit salad ??. Bheem breaks on it. The pandavas laugh.. They all eat it and ask Draupadi to eat. She refuses. The pandavas insist but she refuses. Yudhishtira asks her to continue what she was saying. She sys khandav prastha maybe…. While Yudhishtira puts a piece of salad in her mouth. The pandavas laugh ??.. She chews it and looks at them. She says that it maybe cursed but we can do it. Finally after alot of argument bheem agrees..
Duryodhan asks shakuni if he’ll succeed in gettin hastinapur back. Shakuni sys he surely will.. The pandavas will get barren land… Duryodhan asks how. Shakuni asks him to wait.. I’ll never let them take ur right.
The next day sun rises… The palace is all set for the court… Kauravas r present there. The pandavas along with Draupadi come there. Bhishm asks them which part they’ve chosen. Yudhishtira opens his mouth to say somethin while Duryodhan expresses his objection. We’ll be given the chance to give our opinion about this first. Bhishm says as Yudhishtira is elder he’ll b asked before u. Yudhishtira tells that he’s chosen the forest area, khandav prastha. Duryodhan laughs along with kauravas. He asks yudhishtira if he’s okay ?. R u joking???? I’m really happy that I wont have to fight for the kingdom which is mine!! Amazing!!! Bhishm pitamah asks them to choose a different area. How can u live in an area which is cursed that too with so many praja??? How’ll u establish a kingdom there. Yudhishtira says that neither pandavas have disagreement on kauravas choice nor they’ve any.. So what’s the need to worry. We’ll manage. Vidur is sad ?. He asks the pandavas to change their Decision but they deny. Dhitrashtra declares his decision and tells them to go. The pandavas n Draupadi leave.. Duryodhan smirks ?.
Draupadi packs all the things and instructs the dasis. She asks a soldier to take All the goods outside. The pandavas ask kunti if she’ll accompany them. She refuses. I’ll stay here and take care of jiji n maharaja. I’ll spend rest of my life serving them. You kids go. Have a happy life ahead!! She blesses them. The pandavas sadly go away from there and r amazed to see Draupadi doing al the arrangements. Draupadi sees them…

Precap-indradev shoots a vajra on Arjun. Krishna comes and cuts it with his sudarshan chakra. Indra is shocked ?..

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