Mahabharata ff part 1


Hello guys the diehard fan of Mahabharata.. This ff is just for u.. Read on-

The five mighty pandava brothers and the mighty hundred kuru princes have completed their education. The plot of my ff is after they have grown adult. Dhitrashtra is ruling the empire of hastinapur along with his queen gandhari. Kunti is the mother of the pandavas. (while nakul and sahdev were the sons of Madri and Ashwin twins). Yudhishtira was the son of god of dharma, bheem of vayu god and Arjun of indra the king of gods. Guru drona was the teacher of the princes. Bhishm pitamah was the grandfather of the princes. Karna was Kunti and Surya’s son, but was adopted by Radha.

Duryodhan was the eldest of kauravas. Krishna was the incarnation of lord Vishnu the supreme god and ruler of dwarka, dwarkadheesh. Rukmini was his wife. Vidur was the chief minister of hastinapur court. Shakuni was the evil maternal uncle of Duryodhan.
The court is all set. Dhitrashtra declares Yudhishtira as the crown prince. The faces of the pandavas glow. But the faces of kauravas are dull. Duryodhan argues-no, how can Yudhishtira be the crown prince? I’m the son of the king, eldest son of the king, I’m the crown prince.

Child, u know it very well that ur father is ruling in place of pandu, the father of the pandavas. So his son, Is the righteous man to own this throne. – speaks bhishm. Duryodhan fumes in anger. No, I won’t let it happen. Yudhishtira is crowned the crown prince with all rituals. His bros smile ?. Duryodhan stares at him evilly. ?. Shakuni tells him that he’s got a plan.
He smirks. The court is dismissed. All go to their rooms, Shakuni cooks up a plan with his nephews.
The next day he shares with Dhitrashtra that he’s planned to send the pandavas along with their mother to varnavrata, where he owns a beautiful palace, where the pandavas can celebrate ? some days in vacation . Dhitrashtra likes the idea and so does Yudhishtira. And all the pandavas and Kunti pack all their belongings to leave for varnavrat.
They talk in the chariot on the way.

Bheem-this is surely one of duryodhan’s plans.
Arjun-you are absolutely right. It is impossible that there is no planning in Duryodhan ‘s talks.
Yudhishtira-please stop blaming them will u? Is it necessary that Duryodhan has some plan? If he wants to gift ? us, her did. Y r u opposing him always.
Bheem -don’t know how u r always able to support those silly kauravas. They r cunning.
Kunti -sons please stop fighting unnecessarily. If they hv some plan, they will get punished. If they have good mentality, then they’ll b rewarded. It’s not in n ur hands.
The brothers reach varnavrata.

Precap-Shakuni tells kauravas that the house ? is made of wax. He laughs evilly.

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