I a a great mythology love grew up reading a lot of books on that and as I have a grandma at home I somehow used to watch all these mythological serials but mahabharat was the one I watch full fledged when it was telecasted in Tamil for the first time and somehow I don’t know
I love Siya ke ram and in fact I am crazy about it and it inspire me but mahabharat will always be the series which I loved from the core of my heart but never felt crazy about it
Mahabharat consisted of powerful dialogues like for eg kunti speech to dasharath when he says he feels scared that the pandavas may die in war
And Krishna Gyaan my god they were really meaningful and in the world where we hate advice I recorded it and watched it many times
Especially I love Krishna speech after draupdi vastrahan it was really emotional and also when the duryodhan tries to throw Krishna in jail
I felt Immerse respect for Krishna and
It consisted of so much emotions I mean karna life, abhimanyu. All those things made me think beyond the secure student hood I am living
And arjun the character portrayed beautifully and shaheer skeikh too great actor
And they were many fun living scenes too which were really stress buster the brothers cute teasing and arjun subhadra noh Jhok
And it was always thought provoking
Krishna arjun relation is the most beautiful relation in the world and the war was
Kind of filled with strategy and emotion
I respect starplus mahabharat a lot and will always will for it always gave an answer to my questions
And may have showed with slight changes but it was perfect and as for the epic
All the things were shown well ranging down from balyakaal to vanvas
With awesome bgs which were always soul stirring and actors who made us get into the divinity of epic
And superb settings and draupdi especially during vastrahan was shown beautifully
Somehow i never felt watching same episode thrice or something making my mind idiotic
Instead each time learnt a lesson for life
Now it’s 1 yr I watched a MB episode but memories are afresh but don’t know what else to write and when I think now I don’t what made me watch it 2 to 3 times
I respect Siya ke ram just as much but somehow there is no room for comparison between these two great epics
Love MB and SKR
And proud to be born in the same nation where ram and Krishna and other great heroes were born
Respect my country More than anything and respect these epics just as I respect God
Jai Shri Krishna
Jai Sita ram

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Agree Sanjana…. Mahabharata has a special place in my heart…. I was crazy for it ….I love Siya ke Ram as well….there is no comparison…. But I agree the memories are still fresh in my mind also…..and BGs…..I love them so much that I have managed to get all of them through various sources.. .

  2. I’m completely agree with you sanju… l never missed an episode of Mahabharat.. that was superb.. you know one thing l just downloaded most of the episodes of mb.. their acting , settings everything was perfect… and skr also..

  3. totally agree with you sanjana di . Siya ke ram is also good but Mahabharat is best . I am crazy for it .and bgs are just awesome . I remember each and every episode of MB. Starplus Mahabharat was just awesome 🙂

  4. I agree with u dear………MB is Best……?????

  5. Mahabharat rocks!!!
    I will always love it ?

    1. Same with SKR:)

  6. I don’t know why but I love Mahabharata its in my hart I know all that story in my mind I am talking about real Mahabharata story I just love it from very small age even I didn’t remember from when I got it
    It’s our India’s history and we always have proud on it

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