Mahabharat beyond war


Hiee everyone i saw many FF for many serials and i enjoy them too but i was thinking why cant we just extend the journey of our mahabharat , so that we can also enjoy the journey which our lord krishna asked us to travel . We shall travel with his blessing till the pandavs reach the heaven .

Please do comment . If you really like it please do say me . If you did not like it please do say that too so that i would stop it .
But please do comment .

Yudhister was performing all the rituals for the relatives who have died at the time of war . Mata kunti asked Yudhister to perform the last rituals for Ang Raj Karn. Yudhister was bewildered he knew that she liked Karn but it doesn’t mean that he is related to us . He asked for the reason for the same . Mata Kunti with the eyes full of tears said with a sobbing voice , Because…… because he is your blood related he is your elder brother and of all elder in the kuru clain, I got the boon from Durvasar that if i say a sloka by thinking of any devtha i will get a child with their blessings . I was too small i tried it just to check the power of the sloka and i used it against Lord Surya and he said as u called me and due to the power of the sloka you will get a child . That child was Karn and i slipped him in the waves of Ganga. After soo many years i found him in the tridangan were Arjun and Karna came for 1 on 1 fight to show their talents i saw his Kavach and kundal which came with him and i was trying hard to say the truth from that time , but every time the situation was against me . Yudhister was shocked to hear this all the pandavas are taken back by the words said by mata kunti. They were not able to believe it . Bheem was literally crying thinking for the words that he spoke against his own brother . Nakul Sayadev were crying and Arjun was lost, he lost his words he was frozen tears rolling out of the eyes . He was slowly mermered i killed my own brother , i cannot handle it i killed my brother. He was not able to stand everything was blured to him. He said i killed him What have i done, is this what dharma ?? Is this what the good thing i have done ?? i have killed my own blood . In between all Draupathi said”Mata if u had said that before we would have not waged war , why did u not tell us in that time why did u killed your own son, Mata Kunti replied cryingly “he said not to say to you all , he said that he can bear the pain but not you all he made me promise that i should not speak out anything and…… Before she could conclude Yudhister bursted and said it is because of you mother we lost our own brother , it is because of you who maintained the secret that we lost him i just curse that no lady can keep secret with herself she will either way reveal it out . Draupathi said i will take care of his son as my son(a son who was born for karna and vrushali was only alive others sons of Karna are died during the war). Arjun said i will make him the King of Indraprasta which is the rightful place for Karna. I will teach him all the skills i know and i will make him a great warrior which his father always was and wanted to be.

After Yudhister rajyabhishek bheem was been crowned as the princess of hastinapur. Krishna abided farewell from hastinapur. Days past all but they were not able to find peace in their hearts . Vedavyasa came for the help . He said i will bring all the people who were dead during the war for 1 night and you can see them . All were so happy to hear the words. That day evening they were all waiting in the banks of the river. With the spritual powers of Maharishi veda vyasa all the people who were dead came out from the river . Everyone were like a deva wearing very high quality jewels and all were very happy to see them . In that Duryodhan dushasan and all the kauravas and Abhimanyu and other pandavas side people emerged . That night went very happily all were enjoying the time . Every were peace was there . As the sun rised all the people who emerged from the river stood up and started towards the river and all were disappeared . The remaining people tears in their eyes and memories in their heart started to Hastinapur . There was no ego, no hatred, no anger all were peaceful .

Guys please say your views regarding this . Is it nice ?? Can i continue or stop it ?? Plesae do comment if i had made any mistake .

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Interesting…plzz cntinue

    1. Thank you for the comment .I will surely continue

  2. Plz continue

    1. Thank you. Sure i will continue

  3. It’s nice…plz continue…

    1. Thank you anjali . i will surely continue

  4. Nice plz continue… I like it.

    1. Thank you Rg i will surely try my level best to cover the full story as it is a vast one

  5. very nice but is it ur own or the real story??

    1. Thank you . I took the reference of some books . In some it is said what we saw . In other it is known for the pandavas that karna was their brother only when they were doing the rituals and it is also believed that shri krishna did the last rights for karna . Hope u like what i said .
      But thank you ones again

  6. Lovely!!! Pls continue!! It’s a really unique idea. Go on with it!! Waiting for next one!!❤

    1. Thank you ameena . I’m writting . Will upload soon .

  7. Its nice yaar keep on writing

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