Mahabharat beyond war (Part 6)


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Krishna’s abode to vaikunt .
36 years over after the great yudh of mahabharat in kurukshetra happened. Arjun used to spend his time with Krishna as he was scared of Mata Gandhari’s curse over Krishna and Yadhu’s clain. The Vrishnis, the Bhopas and other

branches of the Yadavas belonging to Krishna’s tribe spent their days in unrestrained self-indulgence and luxury. They lost all sense of discipline and humility. Once some rishi came to dwaraka . At that time some yadhu’s wanted to mock those sages. So they dressed a man as a women and asked the sages as which baby will be born to the lady .

The sages who came to know about the prank with their yoga power gave a curse that “ This is not a lady and he will give birth to the mace which would be the reason for the demise of the yadhu’s . The man who dressed as a woman gave birth to a mace and the yadhus were shocked and scared. The king ordered to destroy the mace by powedering it and throwing it in the sea. They thought that the yadhus are out of the curse. The mace powder which was deposited in the sea shore was grown as a crop of rushes which were dense. The iron part of the mace was swollen by a fish which was hunted by a hunter name Jara.

Krishna called Udhava the most beloved friend of Krishna . Krishna gave an important knowledge to the udhava and asked him to go from there as Dwaraka is going to go under the sea. He was not able to loose his beloved friend. Udhava pleaded and said that “ Oh lord please don’t leave us. We don’t know how I will go without you. How I will stay and live without you. You are the one who are the savior and I have seen you for many years . Please Krishna please don’t leave us” . Krishna with a godly smile in his face said “ Dear udhava after I leave the world I will stay in the book called “SHRI BHAGAVATA PURANA” All can cherish me by reading this book. Udhava was not able to start but because of Krishna’s words he started from there to leave from dwaraka.

One day, long after, the Yadavas went to the beach for a picnic and spent the whole day in dance and drink and revelry. The liquor began to work. At first merry, then pugnacious, they began to talk without restrain, raking up old offences and quarrelling, on slight cause with one another. Among the Yadavas, Kritavarma had fought on the side of the Kauravas and Satyaki on that of the Pandavas.”Would any Kshatriya attack and kill sleeping soldiers, O Kritavarma? You have brought a great and lasting disgrace on our tribe,” said Satyaki, taunting Kritavarma, and a number of drunken Yadavas applauded the attack. Kritavarma could not bear the insult. Kritavarma ; U slaughtered the great Brurisravas after he sat on yoga as he got cut in his hand and you are speaking to me about pride and valor. The speech fight turned towards a kind of a war.

Soon, all the Yadavas were in the quarrel on one side or the other and presently from words they came to blows, which swiftly developed into a free fight. Satyaki, with his sword drawn, sprang upon Kritavarma and cut his head off, exclaiming: “Here is the end of the coward who killed sleeping soldiers! ” Others immediately fell upon Satyaki with their drinking bowls and pots and anything they could lay hands upon. Pradyumna, Krishna’s son, joined the fray to rescue Satyaki and there was a desperate melee in which both Satyaki and Pradyumna were killed.Krishna knew that the destined hour was come, and plucking the tall rushes, which fringed the beach, laid about him with them indiscriminately. This led to every one of the Yadavas doing the same and there was great indiscriminate slaughter. The rishis’ curse

had begun to work.The rushes that had grown out of the mace became each one of them a mace as it was plucked by the doomed men in their unreasonable fury. They used them on one another with deadly effect and soon all of them were destroyed in this drunken brawl.

Balaram, who was seeing all this, was overwhelmed with shame and disgust and sank to the ground. He gave up his life as he lay in a yoga trance. Balaram passed away into the ocean in a stream of light, which issued from his forehead like a silver serpent. Thus ended the avatar of
Narayana in Balarama.

Krishna who witnesses it started from there went into the forest and started to roam in the forest. A hunter who was having a arrow . The arrow’s iron piece was taken from the fish which swallowed the iron piece of the mace. Krishna sat on the ground keeping his leg stretched and it was like a deer’s eyes. The hunter Jara came there and saw the leg which was deer for his eyes. He shoot the arrow from the distance and it pricked Krishna’s leg . Jara who came there found Krishna but not the deer. He was shocked and asked for his forgiveness. Krishna with a smile in his face said “ dear jara don’t worry this was the word given by me to you in my before caranation. In my incaranation of Rama , I killed vali from distance and so I accepted that you will kill me from distance the same way I did. You are the one vali whom I killed.” But jara was soo sad as he had made a biggest mistake in his life , He pleaded for Krishna’s forgiveness. Krishna sent him to the swarga logh. “The time has come for me to go,” he said to himself and, lying on the ground fell asleep. Thus he started from the earth to the vaikunt. Arjun did the last rights to the Krishna’s worldly body and the Lord’s wives, including Rukmini, became Sati and were burnt on pyre. The rest of the women of Dwaraka became ascetics and nuns and they went along with Arjun to the Kuru kingdom . After each and every living being of Dwaraka moved away to other places, the ocean came about and engulfed the city, thus leaving no trace of the land of Lord Krishna.

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