Mahabharat beyond war (Part 5) a glimse


Hiee all im ur sv back . Im soo sorry as i was not able to update the next part and here i lost the data . Now some how i am collecting it and i will give a big update on saturday maximum.

Here is what is going to be in the update. I am.just givinvg a glimse of this

The yadu’s curse from the sages. Krishna’s words to udhavar. Yadus demise Balram starting to vaikund . Krishna staying in the forest. Krishna start to vaikund . Arjun informing the pandavas. Parikshit’s rajyabishek . Pandavas starting to swarga logh. A dog following yudister. Yudister’s encounter of naraka logh. Finally pandavas to swarga logh.

Till this mahabharat is completed but in the bhagavata purana it continues how parikshit heard the bagavata purana . His end and janamey jaya ( son of parikshit) yaaga.

If u wish me to do that i will continue till janamey jaya’s yaagam.

Pls say ur noble comments as they are my boosters. And pls do say that if i had missed anything.

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Ya its nice u should continue….

  2. Only yudhistir went to swarg with body and the dog is non other than dev dharma yudhistir’s father

  3. And why u written it wery small

    1. It’s just a glimpse. I will write it fully and update it on Saturday

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