Mahabharat beyond war (Part 4)


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Yudhister was not having peace with the life in the palace as he was still in the sadness of his elders seperation to the forest. He along with his other family members went to the forest to meet Dhirudhirastra and other members of the family. Seeing the pandavas Dhirudhirastra became really happy and asked about thier wellness . Yudhister asked Dhirudhirastra about Vidura , Dhriudhirastra with a sad voice replied “ He is only taking in air and doing severe penance(dyanam) .

At that time Vidura came there and saw them . He was weak with huge beard and bonny body . At once he went back into the forest after he saw them . Yudhister followed him and said “ I’m yudhister , I came to see you”. Vidura did not speak any thing and leaned on a tree with his eyes looking at one position and did not make any movement. Due to his yoga power he entered into Yudhister’s body and collided with him .His breath was yudhister’s breath . Yudhister was able to feel more powerful and more knowledgable after that . But the worldly body of Vidura was not moving and it was in the same postion leaning on the tree. Yudhister said about everything and all were surprised. Vidura’s last rites were done and pandavas went back to hastinapur…………………
It was 3 years since Dhirudhirastra was in the forest. One day Naradha muni came to the court of Yudhister. Yudhister welcomed the sage and honoured him for his presence. Naradha muni said “ Oh yudhister please keep your heart strong for the news which I’m going to say. One day Dhirudhirastra , gandhari, and kunti took bath in the river and on the way coming back to the hermitage a forest fire occurred. It came and surrounded very fastly all over the forest. It killed many animals and plants.

As dhirudhirastra was weak because of penance, he was not able to run fast. He said to sanjay “ sanjay go and save your life , we will die in this fire and will start towards the swarga , but you need to save your life . Go run ” but sanjay denied. But after soo many time of pleading sanjay finally accepted it and ran from there. All the three sat down facing towards east. They concentrated their minds and souls towards the lord and closed their eyes , they were like log of wood without moving themselves. The fire consumed the worldly body of them. I met sanjay in the banks of river ganga and he saying this said that he is proceeding towards himalayas to continue his penance . After hearing all these things the whole people were shattered. They were not able to take this all of a sudden as they lost all the elders of the family. Naradha muni consoled them and Veda vyasa who came there helped them to come out of the grief .

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