Mahabharat beyond war (Part 3)


Hiee all i’m really happy for those comments as they really mean a lot to me.Here is the next part of our journey. Please do comment and if you find anything different please do say me so that i can also learn from you. Thank you all once again.

All were so rejoiced after the birth of Parikshit . Yudhister informed Krishna about the Ashwamedha yaaga and he wanted his blessings and acceptance for the same. Krishna was so pleased by that. He gave his acceptance for the yaaga. The yaaga horse was selected and all the pooja which should be done is done to the horse. With the blessings of Maharishi Veda vyasa the horse was set free to go. Arjun followed the horse.

To see Arjun and the yaaga horse people of Hastinapur were in the streets. The horse which was set free roamed to many places of the earth and who so ever stopped the horse was defeated by Arjun with his skills. He requested and invited the kings to attend the ashwamedha yaaga. After successfully completing the journey Arjun returned to Hastinapur. There was a grand preparation for the ashwamedha yaaga and all the people participated.

Maharishi Veda vyasa asked Yudhister to give dhakshina (return gifts) to those who participated in the yaaga. All the devas showered flower rain over yudhister to show their blessings and for the happiness of the yaaga. All the kings, rishis sages , pandits and other people who attended the yaaga are given dhakshina and all gave their blessings to Yudhister and returned to their own land. All were really happy .

It has been fifteen years after Yudhister was made as king. He always treated Dhirudhirastra as his father and the king of hastinappur, but dhirudhirastra was not able to come out of sadness of his sons demise. He after discussing with Mata gandhari said to yudhister that they are going to the forest and gonna live there. Yudhister was not ready to leave them he pleaded to the maximum extent but dhirudhirastra was stubborn.Finally yudhister went with them. Mata Kunti was also stubborn to go with them. Pandavas were not ready but she was not in the state of taking back her decision. Even Vidhur and sanjay accompanied them. The pandavas were soo sad but they were helpless as the elders were so stubborn.They started to the forest.

They went to the forest and they started live as a saint people and removed all those jewels and other things which would be the part of a royal family. They were living in Maharishi Veda vyasa’s place and they all got many upanyasas (spiritual speech which gives inner peace) from many sages and they started to forget about their sadness.

In the shores of Bhagirtha Dhirudhirastra started to do his penance(dyana/ thavam) Vidhur and sanjay would help Dhirudhirastra. After few days Naradha muni came to meet Dhirudhirastra and blessed him and others.

Thank you all I will update the next part soon.

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  4. Hey there is a small thing different in last part but I can’t comment there so I m doing it here
    Krishna all so said that if he always walk on path of brahmchary (I don’t know it’s English word) the child get his life back

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