Mahabharat beyond war (Part 2)


Hiee all , i am so sorry for very late update. Thank you for the comments and i will promise that i will regularly update. I have taken the plot after reading many books of Mahabharat and if you find anything different please do say me so that i can also learn, as this is a big epic.

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Many months have passed, Mahamahim bhishma was laying in the arrow bed waiting for Utharayan . The day has come. All the people has arrived at the place where mahamahim was being resting in the bed of arrows. Yudhister did his last pranam to Mahamahim and asked for his blessings. He said “Yudhister i’m really a lucky person, I was waiting for the day to arrive and the day has come. I am really pleased by the way you are ruling the hastinapur and now i can rest myself in peace” and he gave few advices to Yudhister. After that all did their last salutation to the great person . His soul left his body and Yudhister along with mahamanthri vidur covered his body with high cloths and Yuyutsu(son of Maharaj dirudhirastra and sugada , friend of Gandhari,the only son who was alive for maharaj dirudhirastra as he left the kaurava side and stood with the pandavas during the war.) held the umbrella and pandits spelled the slokas and with high quality sandal wood mahamahim’s worldly body was burnt.

After the last rights which was performed for Mahamahim ,Yudhister was sitting in the banks of the river ganga and was thinking the days spent by him with his bhishma. Other pandavas and others surrounded him. Maharaj Dhirudhirastra said,”Son you have responsibilities to carry on , you have to concentrate on that”. Yudhister too agreed and went to hastinapur. After few days Krishna started to dwaraka , but no one was in the state of mind to leave him. They all finally accepted and Krishna started to dwaraka. Yudhister was not able to come out of the sadness of Mahamahim Bhisma’s death. Maharishi vyasa would come frequently to the court of Yudhister. One time he found out that yudhister is still in the sadness of pithama’s demise. Sage asked yudhister to perform the great ashwameda yaaga for the peace and harmony of him and his country. Yudhister agreed. Pandavas gave the information to Krishna, and Krishna was really happy for that. He came with all his men to hastinapur for the yagnya.

The day has arrived. Uthra was having labour pain. The ayurvatis were close to her to make sure that the only ray of hope of the Kuru must be carefully given birth. The baby was born . All the ayurvatis who were there was shell shocked. That was a still born child. Everyone were shocked to see that child (the baby was protected by Lord Krishna from the Brahmastra which was set by Ashwathama but due to the curse given by Ashwathama the baby was still born it was born in dead state)

Draupathi was shattered to see that her only hope to live is also gone . She called her only saviour “GOVIND”. Krishna who knows everything smiles in his own way and asks as if he doesnot know “where is my parikshit i need to see him”. Arjun with sad face said that the child is still born

Draupathy cried “ what is that which is still following us , we lost every one kith and kin, brothers, sons, all . Our only hope was this baby but even this has become a dream to us”, Subadra was crying other side .Mata Kunti and others pleaded to Lord Krishna to save the child.

Uthra was waiting for Krishna’s arrival. Lord Krishna was really happy with the faith she had on him and he softly touched with his lotus hand on the still figure of the child and said “If it is true that I have done good deeds in my life let this child get back its life”. As his lotus hand touched, the boy he gained the life back and all of them were really happy . Tears were rolling in everyones eyes as it was the only ray of hope. Arjun hugged Krishna and Arjun felt blessed for the presence of Krishna.

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