Mahabharat 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 9th October 2013 Written Update

Today’s epi starts with Satyavati announcing that Pandu has married Kunti. Gandhari is shown bringing food to Dhritrashta. Gandhari looks nervous as Dhrit is eating the food. Dhrit says that the taste of the food is different today. Gandhari’s daasi says that this food is the speciality of Gandhar and Gandhari made it herself. Gandhari says if he doesn’t like then she’ll go and bring some other food, but Dhrit stops her and says the food is nice. Gandhari is happy hearing this. Then Dhrit says something along the lines of soon Kunti’s kingdom will be taking over the kitchen. Gandhari says it is good to have different flavours. Dhrit gets annoyed and tells Gandhari to not lecture him. Gandhari tries consoling him, but he isn’t interested. Gandhari tells him to accept God’s will

and let go of his bitterness. He should welcome Pandu and Kunti, but he disagrees and forbids her from welcoming them.

Krishna is baaack!!! He tells us that there are boundaries in every relationship, and when these are crossed then our hearts become filled with anger. Krishna says that by using boundaries we aren’t allowing the other person to make their own decisions, we’re forcing our decisions onto them. By doing so we’re rejecting the other person’s freedom, which then gives them pain. But if people respect each other’s freedom then maryada or boundaries aren’t needed. Krishna says that agreement is the body of a relationship, and so freedom is the soul of the same relationship.

At Kunti’s swayamvar sabha, Pandu and Kunti take her father’s blessings. He stops them saying first they should take blessings from the Yadava, Shoorsen, Kunti’s biological father. Shoorsen says that the one who brings the child up is greater than the one who gives birth to it. Kunti is sad hearing this. The men head off while Kunti talks to her sakhi. Kunti is proud of Pandu’s forward thinking but her sakhi tells her to not do anything that could ruin her current happiness. Kunti says she can’t cheat her husband, while the sakhi says that telling a lie to gain a profit is cheating. To avoid pain, keeping the truth quiet is not cheating. The sakhi ties a thread on Kunti, wishing that nobody comes between their happiness. She makes Kunti promise that as long as the thread is on her wrist she won’t disclose the truth to Pandu. The sakhi says that a King has many wives, and if Pandu marries again then this secret could become dangerous. Kunti says that by forsaking Karna she has committed a sin and that keeping this a secret from Pandu will be her second sin. Kunti wonders who has brought up Karna and where he is.

We’re shown a young boy praying to Suryadev. Then he hears someone’s cry for help. A boy is riding a chariot that looks out of control. Karna runs after the chariot. The chariot hits a rock and the boy falls over a cliff. Then Karna flies after him and we see his golden armour shining. The catches hold of the boy and they both fall to the ground, but are unharmed thanks to Karna’s armour. A crowd has gathered, and a man tells Karna’s mother Radha that her son his divine. Radha gets annoyed and pours water over Karna’s head. Then she pulls him away. Radha is angry with him and tells him she will punish him when they reach home. Karna says he was only trying to save the boy. Radha asks and who would save him? He tries to tell her that he doesn’t need protection but Radha tells him to be quiet and come home. Then they both begin to smile and joke with each other. Karna says that his father Adhirath went to Kuntirashta with Pandu, and Radha says yes but now he’s on his way home. Radha says we need to go and see them now. Karna wants Pandu and Kunti to see him, Radha wonders how this is possible.

Pandu’s royal chariot has arrived on the streets of Hastinapur. Kunti is remembering what her sakhi told her. The citizens of Hastinapur have gathered to welcome Pandu and Kunti. Vidhur arrives and welcomes the new King and Queen. Vidhur wants to welcome them by driving their chariot to the temple and tells Adirath that he can go home. Adirath finds Radha in the crowd and asks where Karna is. Radha tells him that he has gone to arrange a welcome for the King and Queen. Adirath is shocked and unhappy. He hopes that Karna won’t be using the bow and arrow. We’re shown Karna, standing by a river full of lotuses, carrying a bow and arrows. Karna prays to Suryadev and asks him to give his arrows strength. He shoots his arrow in the river and the lotuses come flying out. They shower over Pandu and Kunti. Kunti picks one up and remembers that the basket she left Karna in was also filled with lotuses. Pandu is surprised and impressed at this display of archery. He wonders who has done this. We see Karna coming from behind the royal chariot, and then Kunti turns to face him.

Precap: Kunti and Gandhari are talking about family matters, Gandhari reassures her that all is well with Dhritrashta. Shakuni is shown badmouthing Pandu in front of Dhritrashta.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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