Mahabharat 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dritrashtra says my childrens life is my life n now i have to see them dying in war bhishma says u never heard wat we told u dritrashtra says plz don’t use harsh words show a way bhishma says we had told u not to trouble them not to insult the pandavas not to give ur child dut permission n even not to insult draupadi even we told u not to send them to vanvas n agyat vas n now i want me to guide u wen u have crossed all ur limits dritrashtra says im blind so may be i couldn’t see the problems bhishma says ur blind by eyes n not ur mind n u are not helpless due to that dritrashtra says during my rajyaabhishek u said im helpless due to my blindness bhishma says those were rukes n not a personal war dritrashtra says if war takes place my children will die bhishma says theres a

way we can shut this war n first step towards it is to send shakuni back to gandhar. Kauravas mamashri n karna are discussing abt war mamashri says karnas plans will not work since he never fought with Krishna duryodhan says mamashri y r u scared abt Krishna mamashri says bcoz i know all his powers n he can finish of ur army alone the real plan shd be that which leads to destroy of Krishna n don’t worry im always with u n will find a way to finish Krishna mahamantri arrives there n says diritrashtra has ordered shakuni to leave hastinapur as soon as possible hearing this duryodhan n others rush to dritrashtra n asks him why did u give such orders surely mahamantri is behind it bhishma says those are my orders n its for welfare of hastinapur n for ur benefit n u will learn abt ur benefits wen gandharraj will stop feeding u with evil n wrong principles . mamashri says war shd have taken place wen weapons of kauravas wer snatched n also wen the pandavas were on gates of hastinapur now bhishma u n ur work decide wats ur opinion on these on this duryodhan says i order u senapati bhishma to get ready for war tomorrow early morning we will fight against virat dritrsahtra says no this war cant take place duryodhan says u cant order me my brothers n karna to stop n i will fight mamashri says stop duryodhan n says revenge is ur enemy blood n not ur blood n since we r not sure abt ur win don’t get carried away wait for the right time to arrive mahamantri says its shocking n delight to here welfare of hastinapur frm u mamashri , mamashri says whatever n says dritrashtra duryodhan will never disagree with me n so he will not be going in state of war with virat for now , mamashri says bhishma i have fulfilled ur wish n m happy abt it n leaves the sabha…

PRECAP: Story of Krishna n kansa is narrated in front of Krishna….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Dhritrastra ki abhi aankhein khuli hai jab sara kiya dhara ho gaya ab bhugto uska fal. Bahut shouk tha na badla , pratishodh lene ka aur apne bete ke liye dasa aur dasi dhundhne ka.

  2. The show will end soon.

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