Mahabharat 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 8th October 2013 Written Update

So today we begin again with the 16 year old innocent Kunti who has just recited the mantra given by Rishi Durvasa and has called Suryadev in front of her. Suryadev tells Kunti that he is about to give her a son. Kunti looks scared and says that she is not yet married, how can she have a son? Suryadev asks Kunti why she called him if she doesn’t want a son? Kunti says she made a mistake, but Suryadev replies that she will have to suffer the consequences of this. He says she will definetly have a son by him. Kunti is trembling and asks what mistake has her father made that he will also have to suffer. Society will say that Maharaj Kuntibhoj’s daughter has a stained character and isn’t pure. Kunti says nobody will believe that she has been given a mantra to be gifted sons from gods. Suryadev

says he understands, and he blesses her that even after having a son she will remain a virgin, with a pure character. Then Kunti is shown holding a baby.

Kunti takes baby Karna to the riverbank. She fills a basket with lotus flowers while singing a lullaby, and cries. Kunti kisses Karna farewell and places him in the basket. She asks him for forgiveness, saying that she is helpless that is why she is sending him away. Kunti tells Suryadev to keep his son safe. Suryadev blesses Karna with a golden kavach (armour) and kundal (earrings). Suryadev says his son will be known as Karna. A heartbroken Kunti then pushes the basket containing baby Karna out into the water.

Back to the present with Kunti talking to her sakhi. The sakhi tells her to forget the past otherwise it will darken her future. Kunti says she can’t forget Karna and knows that he is alive somewhere. And as long as he’s alive he is her present not her past. Kunti says she can’t keep her past a secret, but her sakhi asks her who will marry her after knowing the truth? Kunti feels that there must be someone out there who won’t think badly of her after knowing the truth.

At Hastinapur, Pandu meets Gandhari. He says he has come to take blessings before heading to Kuntibhoj. Gandhari blesses Pandu but he asks her to not call him Maharaj, just Pandu. She says it is a sin to call a King by his name. Pandu replies that everytime she calls him King, it is like a thorn in his side. Pandu tries to say that the throne belongs to Dhritrashta but Gandhari cuts him off saying it belongs to Pandu only, and that this is fate. Pandu says that she came here to be Queen, but again Gandhari says no, she came here to be his older brother’s wife. Pandu wonders how she is so kind, but Gandhari says that a bhabhi is like a mother. Pandu asks her for a promise, that she will only call him Maharaj when he is sitting on the throne,otherwise she will think of him as her son and call him Pandu. She agrees and tells him to go to Kuntibhoj and bring her devrani. Pandu wants Dhrit’s blessing too but Gandhari says he is still a little upset. Pandu promises that he and his wife will always remain in Dhrit and Gandhari’s service.

We’re taken to Kunti’s swayamvar sabha Kuntibhoj welcomes everyone and reiterates about the tradition of the swayamvar, where the girl is allowed to pick the husband of her choice, and everyone must accept her decision. Kunti says that she wants to ask all the princes and Kings a question, and she will base her decision on their answers. Kuntibhoj agrees to this. Two of the kings start taunting each other and are about to fight with swords, but Pandu comes between them and stops them both. Pandu tells them not to violate the swayamvar rules. Pandu tells Kunti to ask her question. Kunti says that Rishi Gautam’s wife Ahilya had a ‘relationship’ with Devraj Indra, after which Gautam punished his wife. Kunti asks why bhagwan Ramchandra then freed Ahilya from her punishment? The kings give various answers, but Kunti isn’t impressed. Then Pandu says that Indra had come in front of Ahilya disguised as Rishi Gautam and that Ram knew the difference between sin and mistakes. Kunti looks impressed and goes to take the varmala. Kunti walks up to Pandu and garlands him.

Precap: Kunti wonders where Karna would be.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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