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Mahabharat 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, uttara asks abhimanyu is it true that u fought with duryodhan n wat if something happens to u fighting with him,abhimanyu says my lifes mission is to bring back my mother draupadis respect, uttara says but im scared, abhimanyu says be my strength uttara n not weakness , uttara asks abhimanyu to quit battle, abhimanyu says he will never she has to be strong whatever may be the wars result she has to be strong n if ever i die i shall be with u in some or the other way.
Duryodhan says that kid will know my strength today,karna is finding abhimanyu, arjun n Krishna stops him, karna attacks arjuns rath, arjun says this rath is krishnas so u may never destroy it, guru dron stops angraj karna n says ur mission is not to fight with arjun so go fulfil ur given mission,

guru dron begins to attack arjun, bheem starts killing dritrashtra putras, duryodhan trying to save them is stopped by abhimanyu again, dritrashtra asks sanjay where is our army, sanjay says our army is busy fighting nakul n sahadev so no one is there to assist duryodhan . karna helps duryodhan to reach his brothers but maharaj drupad stops him n attacks on him,karna n abhimanyu attack eachother, karna praises abhimanyus attacks n gives them equivalent attacks, karna says abhimanyu ur attacks are great but u cant stop me, abhimanyu says im jst giving ans to ur attacks, karnas attack destroys abhimanyus rath ,karna says abhimanyu u are an excellent warrior but not greater than me n its ur uncle n my friend duryodhans order to kill u , abhimanyu says u shall follow ur orders im ready to bare all ur attacks, bheem kills 30 of dritrashtra sons, abhimanyu to karna says my grandmother kunti had told me ur as superior as my father arjun let me witness that statement , karna abt to attack abhimanyu is stopped by kunti, kunti says karna don’t forget abhimanyu is ur brothers son n killing him will show no superiority but weakness n so before attacking ask urself wether to follow ur friends orders or save a child who is ur brothers son , karna realises it was just an imagination n kunti wasn’t present their n he lifts his dhanushya to attack abhimanyu but the war is called off for the day.
Duryodhans 30 brothers are killed by bheem on day 12 he arranges their funeral. Dritrashtra n gandhari mourn on their sons death. Draupadi n subhadra find abhimanyu injured, draupadi asks how did u get injured this badly, abhimanyu says its was angraj karnabut when it was time to kill me, but ur rakshakavach saved me

Bheem says kauravas chakravyu can destroy all of our army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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