Mahabharat 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 7th October 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Vidhur pointing to a large map of Bharat and declaring that by Jarasandha giving his daughters hand in marriage to Mathura’s King Kansa, Hastinapur is now surrounded. Bhishma, Pandu and Satyavati are debating on what to do now. Dhritrashta and Shakuni enter the room. Dhritrashta taunts Pandu by calling him Maharaj. Pandu wants to make Dhrit adviser to the sabha but Dhrit ridicules them saying what advice would a blind man be able to give. Before he leaves Dhrit further taunts Pandu saying that Rajyaabhishek is a type of yagya, and no yagya can be done by an unmarried man…find someone who will give strength to our clan, like Gandhari. Shakuni smirks hearing this.

Later Satyavati says to Bhishma that Dhrit has presented a question based on Dharma. They

wonder if Dhrit will ever let go of what has been done to him. Satyavati isn’t happy about Shakuni staying behind, feeling that he is crafty and a cheat. Bhishma says that if a feud occurs between Dhrit and Pandu, then the Kuruvansh will break into pieces. Satyavati is distressed hearing this, she doesn’t want her ‘hard work’ gone to waste. She decides to get Pandu married, but wonders where she will find a suitable girl.

Cut to the forest, a group of people are riding on horseback,chasing a deer. A girl on horseback reaches there and shoots arrows. They recognise the girl as Rajkumari Kunti and ask her why she stopped them. Kunti replies that the deer they were about to shoot at has a small child. Taking a mother away from her child is the biggest sin she tells them. A messenger comes and says that Kunti’s father has called her back to the palace, as her swayamvar date has been decided upon. Kunti looks worried.

Kunti arrives in the palace and meets her father Kuntibhoj. He affirms that he has set the date for her swayamvar, but she tells him that she feels a little afraid. He is surprised, since she had taken care of the all feared Rishi Durvasa,so why is she sacred of a swayamvar. She says she feels something that makes her heart tremble all the time. The King replies that only sins do this to a person…but I believe that my daughter can never commit a sin. Kunti is about to disclose something to her father. but a dasi/sakhi comes and signals that she should keep quiet.
Kunti changes the subject and wonders who will look after her father after she is married. He thanks her for the care she has taken of him and says she should start thinking of her husband. He feels that only the most suitable, the most powerful man will become her husband.

We’re taken back to Hastinapur where Vidhur is reading an invitation from King Kuntibhoj for Kunti’s swayamvar. Vidhur advises Bhishma and Satyavati to accept the invitation, but Satyavati retorts that Kunti isn’t even the biological child of Kuntibhoj…she has been adopted. She says that Kunti isn’t a real princess so how can she become queen of Hastinapur! ERM HELLO!
Anyways, Bhishma and Vidhur feel that they will strengthen their alliances with Kuntibhoj and the Yadavas (since Kunti is really the daughter of Soorsen). Satyavati says she doesn’t care for alliances,only that she wants a girl suitable to be queen. Bhishma replies that Kunti has served Rishi Durvasa for many months, and that he was happy with her devotion. Bhishma feels that this girl must have something special about her.

Back to Kunti, she is sitting by the riverbank with her dassi/sakhi. She asks Kunti what was she going to reveal to the King. Kunti looks upset and says that the she has a secret hidden in her heart, while her father thinks she is pure. The daasi says this is a secret that will bring shame in front of all the other Kings of Aryavrat, therefore Kunti should not say anything, and forget what happened. Kunti says how can she forget? She remembers even to this day.

We’re taken to the past, where Kunti is serving Rishi Durvasa. He tells her he is happy with her service, and gives her a mantra to calls Devtas and obtain sons from them. Later on Kunti is praying to Suryadev when she decides to test out the mantra. Suddenly Suryadev appears in front of Kunti. She is amazed that the mantra works and Surya has actually come in front of her! She innocently asks why she isn’t burnt by being near him, Surya says he has reduced his heat to a tolerable level for her, and the child she is about to have will also have his heat and light. Kunti looks shocked!

Precap: Kunti says that there must be someone who won’t care about her mistake, and will still accept her. The swayamavar is shown,with two kings about to fight…suddenly Pandu stops them.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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