Mahabharat 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 7th March 2014 Written Update

Kunti console vrushali n says that she’ll ask gandhari for help n let her go to IP, at the same time karn came n says that he has taken permission for vrushali, now she can go to IP n if she want he’ll accompany her n make her reach their safely, onj that vrushali denies n says that she’ll go by herself, karn says if she has some doubt on his character, but she says its not like that, she was designating him as king again n again on that karn clarifies that he has left the throne now he’s not a king, he’s just an ordinary person just like her so she can be comfortable with him.

Kunti ask karn if he can deliever a letter/ message to pandavas, Karn says that they are still his enemies but Kunti’s sake he will do it and she can trust him. Kunti says she trusts him absolutely

with dharma and tears the letter-Kunti asks Karna to convey her message to the Pandavas, that when they becum stronger than HP, when they cum out of HP’s shadow, then only their mother step inside IP, till they remain under HP’s influence they are with adharm.

Next Scene, Karna’s daily daan is rejected by brahmins as he is a sut putr. He asks that they were ready yesterday. They say yesterday he was a king. He is disgusted that they were getting alms from him all these days because of fear. He shows his dragger and says he is still a kshatriya. They are ready now. He is disgusted. n throws the plate n says that if he get blessings after scaring people its of no use n the people giving it are also of no use.

Vrushali notices this and gives those brahmins a suitable reply, he ask why they have behaved like this with him, they says that its his last birth’s sins that he’s paying it in this birth, he might have hurt a lot of peeople previously n thats y he’s getting all this insult but after this in his next birth he’ll get happiness, vrushali ask them wat are they doing now is hurting him n insulting a warrior, wat thy’ll get in their next birth, the brahmins dnt have reply, vrushali move towards karn, he feels gud finding sum1 fighting for him.

Other Side, Pandavas got the news that kunti is not allowed to visit IP, bheem is fuming in anger he wants to wage war, krishna says that its not right they can’t wage war but a mother’s son can fight for their mother, they are confused n seek yudi’s suggestion, he says that he’s a king n he’ll not permit to wage war but if they can go n request to DR n make him understand their POV he’ll not stop them, he’ll not stop them from taking their arms, n take it out for self defence but if they take it out first, he’ll give away the thrown.

On their way to IP, Vrushali is worried if karn left his kingship because of her. He assures her that it was not so, she was the reason for him to follow dharma.They reaches on the gate on IP n pandavas were coming out.

Precap: Shakuni n dury seek takshak’s help n ask him to stole cows, arjun needs his gandiv but he has to enter in draupadi’s room.

Update Credit to: Amor

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