Mahabharat 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, arjun n karna steps off their rath, n begin their attacks n the war is called off, arjun says i have fulfilled my mission of stopping u to reach bheem. Bheem to duryodhan , ur remaning 80 brothers will be killed in front of ur eyes n abhimanyu will stop u from reaching them for help. Gandhari prays to lord mahadev to save her children n stop killing her sons, vidhur arrives , gandhari says bheem killed my 20 sons , vidhur says ur calling this adharma but in reality its dharma, gandhari says my sons death could never be dharma it is adharma n so from today onwards hastinapur shall not offer prayers to lord mahadev n destroy every temple of mahadev in hastnapur as he couldnt save my children. Kunti stops draupadi from lightining the diya in front of lord mahadev on asking the reason

kunti says its bcoz today we have lost our family members dont forget gandhari has always loved me n supported me n today my son has killed her sons, draupadi says ur son is lightening the path towards dharma arent u happy , im proud of bheem but not happy, i know this war is necesarry n so is death of our near ones , we have lost our family memebers n will lose more so as dont lit diya. Duryodhans brothers funeral is carried out, dushasan pulls one of the woods with fire n throws it to bheem who with pandavas is busy with funeral as well,dushasan says bheem is challenge u right now,bheem says patience dushasan i will surely kill u wait for it,duryodhan says bheem u kill my brothers n i shall return the same pain by killing ur brothers, abhimanyu says uncle duryodhan u only speak but never fight, duryodhan says kid tomorrow u shall see my power n strength. Dritrashtra says vidhur i will kill bheem i shall crush him since he killed my sons, vidhur says its war n only one win but both parties lose their soldiers, dritrashtra says no it was not war he trapped n killed my sons, vidhur says watever u may think but its the truth that ur sons are facing their punishment for their deeds in dut sabha, dritrashtra says shut ur mouth, vidhur says we r on the path of destroyance n its bcoz of ur 100 sons n so their death is for sure. Duryodhan cuts his hand n says those pandavas have destroyed important people of kauravas n s i want someone to kill that kid abhimanyu,guru dron says im ur senapati so concentrating on one person is not possible, duryodhan asks karna wether he will kill abhimanyu, ashvathama says i shall take up this challenge, karna says no need i will kill abhimanyu for my friend duryodhan n from tomorrow i shall fight only with abhimanyu till his death.

PRECAP: Karna says its my friend n ur uncle duryodhans order to kill u abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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