Mahabharat 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 7th February 2014 Written Update

-Arjun and Draupadi exchange garlands. Duryodhan and Sakuni are not happy. Draupadi and Arjun bid farewell to Draupad and Krishna. Yudishtra, Nakul and Sahadev leave from there asking Bheem to come with Arjun and Draupadi.

-As Arjun is leaving with Draupadi Sakuni instigates the rest of the Kshatriyas saying that a brahmin going of with the rajkumari is a big shame to all the kings and we need to punish the brahmin for comminting this disrespect. Arjun says that if they attack him it would be big paap. Sakuni says that the kshatriyas are the ones who protect everyone on this earth and disrespecting them is a bigger sin and they have the right to punish him.

– Duryodhan rushes to attack the couple. Karn stops his friend ask in him to give respect to the bow. They have to face Arjun in proper war. Rukmi says that thy will punish the brahmin y giving him death.

-Bheem comes forward and stops everyone from marching forward by one sabotaging the entire stretch of steps connecting hem to others with one powerful kick. Krishna smiles and assures Draupd that Draupadi is safer in their hands. He then speaks to the kings to value the man whom won it fair and clear.

– Duryodhan announces that he won’t fight the brahmin and he will let him go today. Sakuni retreats as the brahmin old man who brought the panda as to the venue asks him to fight with him first. Draupad gives the couple his blessings again.

-Krishna also blesses draupadi and gives her 5 stones each denoting dharma… justice, skills, love, patience and righteousness. She asks for explanation. Krishna says hen in future when he confused on a way out, she can use them. Arjun and Krishna exchange some cute nokjokhs with eyes

– Arjun informs the old brahmin that he wishes to get blessings from his mother. The old man wants to go with them and bheem to lift him again. Arjun and Draupadi share a romantic eye lock.

Precap for monday
Kunti askingall the five to share the Phal that Arjun has brought home… without realizing it is Draupadi.

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