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Mahabharat 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan keeps hitting bheem n says pandavas when bheem will die all ur strength will die n i will kill u as well, bheem tries hard attacking duryodhan but fails all the time, duryodhans attacks injures bheem badly, sahadev informs arjun abt duryodhans vajra body, krishna says bheem has to find a way by his way n for that we need to divert bheem n for that arjun u challenge mamashri n seeing this he will surely call duryodhan for help n this will divert duryodhan.
Nakul goes to attack mamashri shakuni, mamashri says nakul it was sahadevs oath to kill me, nakul says he will kill u n we brothers will remove all the dirt from ur body n starts attacking mamashri, mamashri runs away to shalya n says shalya protect me go fight with shalya, shalya smiles n says come son nakul

attack me n says go runaway shakuni, shalya n nakul attack eachother shalya says nakul don’t kill me im ready to surrender, nakul says why are u saying so, shalya says i cant see being held as a reason of my death as i love u, shalya turns to yudishtir n says plz kill me n fulfil nakuls wish, yudishtir kills shalya, shalya says nakul don’t cry im sacrificing for dharma my blessings are with u n now go protect bheem from duryodhans vajra body n shalya dies.
Arjun attacks mamashri shakuni , arjun says its ur turn now mamashri, shakuni says arjun if u have lot off strength go fight with duryodhan, arjun says i will but first will finish off with u, mamashri destroys his own dhanush n says arjun see i have no weapon so u cant fight with me, arjun says ok will fight with sword then, mamashri shakuni gets scared n calls duryodhan for help, duryodhan hears mamashris sound n says bheem wait for me don’t run away i shall save my mamashri from ur brothers n then will deal with u, mamashri tries running away but sahadev stops him n arjun attacks on mamashri, duryodhan comes to save mamashri, mamashri says my son kill these people they have harmed me a lot, arjuns attacks on mamashri fail as well, while this mamashri tries running away sahadev goes behind him on krishnas orders, yudishtirs attacks injures mamashri n yudishtir says here im behind ur death, mamashri says almighty ur here but theres a problem duryodhan has a vajra body now, n killing me will help u in no way so plz plz don’t kill me, yudishtir says mamashri this is all ur deeds effect ur facing n hits mamashri, yudishtir says come fight, yudishtir smiles n say ur almighty is not happy yet n hits him again n says now ur almighty is happy, mamashri calls duryodhan again for help, arjun says duryodhan go take last blessings of mamashri yudishtir is abt to kill him but how will u go ur busy with me, ashvathama comes n attacks arjun n duryodhan runs to mamashri, mamashri says my son duryodhan protect me this pandavas are troubling me one by oen plz save me, duryodhan says mamashri i will not let u die.

Five pandavas together begin to torcher mamashri n sahadev kills him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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