Mahabharat 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 6th March 2014 Written Update

On Sakuni’s instigation, Dushasan goes to Dhrit asking him to punish Kunti for going against the order of the king. Gandhari and Bhishm advice him otherwise. Bhishm indirectly says that his father has given him the right to choose his death. Dhrit cunningly says that he wont punish Kunti. Gandhari and Bhishm are relieved. Dushasan is angry. Dhrit continues to say that he wont let her go to IP either.

At the banks of the river, Karn is giving dhaan to people. They bless him. One of them praises him for his dhaan for which Karn replies he does this as his father has advised him to do so to get peace of mind. Vrushali comes there. Karn and Vrushali look at eachother. He recognizes her and calls her by name. She asks if he remembers that she stayed near his house in the past. He affirms that

he remembers. Vrushali asks him to help her go to her father in IP. Karn reminds her that she would be going along with Kunti. Vrushali says that Kunti has been stopped from going by the King. Karn says that it is injustice and he needs to talk to Dury immediately regarding this. He also promises her that he would definetely take her to IP.

At the palace, Dury and Sakuni are playing Dice game. Karn comes there. He displays his disagreement in retaining kunti at HP. He says that it is adharm. Dury asks if he forgot that he was the one who gave him the position of a king while others mocked his status.

Karn replies that he will never forget it and thats why he has come here to save dury from commiting a adharm.

Dury is confused. Karn explains that seperating a mother from her sons is adharm. Dury asks whose side he is in and whether Karn has already decided to beg for his life from Arjun.
Karn says that day would never come. He would neither beg for his life from Arjun nor would he give Arjun his life
Sakuni tells Karn that he is a king and when he is a King he needs to commit some adharm. Karn says that he cannot tolerate this adharm and he asks Dury his acceptance of Karn’s resignation from the post of AngRaj.

Dury is furious and he doesnt want to accept this. He says that he isnt thankful enough, he is just a sutputr. Karn is devastated to hear this from Dury. Sakuni is shocked too. He comes towards both of them intending to make peace between them. Sakuni tells that Karn is right he neednt be a king to serve Dury.
Karn asks Sakuni to let him keep his promise to Vrushali. Sakuni agrees to talk to Dhrit regarding this. As Karn leaves from there, Sakuni advises Dury to maintain patience.

Precap: The pandavas come to know that Kunti is not allowed for IP. Yudi sends his brothers and krishna to bring Kunti to IP.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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