Mahabharat 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 6th February 2014 Written Update

the Episode starts with Drupad asking the Brahmin’s present in the rangamandap to come forward. Arjun tells others that its time for them to leave They retreat but Krishna’s words stop them.
Vasudev says that sacrifice may also be the symbol of strength but what use is such strength to the world. Sacrifice may be the biggest Tapasya but what use is such penance to the world. Going away is no solution to the situation. If you have strength come back and show it

Yudhishtir says to arjun that Vasudev is giving a signa,. Arjun comes back and moves to wards the contest fish.The sitting kings laugh at him saying when so many Kshatriya could not hit the target how can a brahmin do it. They mock him saying you should hold bhiksha patra and not bow and arrow

the other brahmins present say that its the brahmin who teach the khastriya. Thisnk of Lord Parshuram and hit the target

Draupadi seems happy she recognizes Arjun and hopes he wins.

Arjun bows to drupad and Vasudev and says naman to Shikhandini and draupadi. Rukmi laughs saying but if you win this contest will you make a temple for her? Vasudev says every house is a temple and every woman an ansh of durga. He says to Rukmi dont worry i do naman to your sister every day

Arjun says that every woman is a form of durga and should always be respected

Arjun reaches the contest are and picks up the bow . Puts the arrow and hits the target
Draupadi is very happy. Flowers fall from the target. The brahmin who had brought the pandavas to the rangmandap says he expects a big bhiksha now and if Princess did not put garland around the young man’s neck he will marry his grand daughter to him

Arjun moves towards center of the hall. Karna recoganizes him and shouts Arjun???

Precap: Shakuni says to Diryaodhan we will have to get arjun killed by the kings present here. They provoke the kings and they come forward to fight Arjun

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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