Mahabharat 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 5th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Vidhur, Bhishma and Dhritrashta in Hastinapur. They look at the map of Aryavrat and discuss Indraprasta. Vidhur hints that Duryodhan may be jealous of Yudhishtir, and Dhritrashta is not pleased hearing this.

Shakuni arrives and starts a political tit for tat with Vidhur. Shakuni exaggerates Duryodhan’s character by telling Dhritrashta that he is ready to donate 1 lakh gold coins and 1 lakh cows to the Pandavas because of his righteous nature. But he asks Dhrtirashta how he will be able to earn money for Hastinapur. Vidhur says that the people of Hastinapur will earn money for their King, but Shakuni informs him that most of the people are leaving Hastinapur and migrating to Indraprasta. Shakuni says that this will badly affect Hastinapur’s riches and fame, and Dhritrashta

agrees with him.

Dhritrashta tells Vidhur to make an announcement that nobody is allowed to leave Hastinapur to live in Indraprasta. Whoever disobeys this order will be imprisoned. Bhishma tries to argue against this but Dhrit tells him to make this announcement himself. Shakuni tells Bhishma not to bother and informs Dhrit that they can send Karna to make the announcement.

People of Hastinapur are travelling towards the main gate to leave. Vrushali is also with them. Karna and Dushasan arrive on horseback and announce that nobody is allowed to leave. They order the gates to be closed and people start panicking and try to quickly leave before the gates are closed.Dushasan tells Karna to imprison the people but Karna says that he has decided to follow orders and he will decide which way to complete them. Lots of people get crushed in the crowd and seeing this Karna is unhappy. He tries to convince the citizens to return to their homes.

Vrushali recognises Karna from when he lived in her village and calls him Kumar Radheya. She asks him to allow them to leave Hastinapur, but Karna says he is bound by his promise to Duryodhan and he orders the solidiers to imprison Vrushali. Suddenly Kunti arrives there and stops him. She asks Karna if he has forgotten the teachings of his parents. Vrushali says that after getting the throne of Anga he has become arrogant.

Kunti orders Karna to release Vrushali and she takes her away with her.

Precap: Shakuni tells Karna that he is a King, which means that he must sometimes side with adharma and sometimes do adharma himself. Karna says if that is the case then allow me to remove this crown. Karna takes off his crown and Duryodhan says angrily that this is the thanks you’re giving me for my favours to you, you sutputra.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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