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Mahabharat 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, karna n arjun attacking eachother. Duryodhan says guru dron arjuns death is for sure now n now its time for bheems death, ashvathama says but bheem is nowhere in the battle field, duryodhan says in that case go find him bcoz today i will kill him n so its my order go find bheem. Arjun to karna im indras son n im not afraid of fire , karna says n im surya putra n water cant calm me, arjun attacks with glass pieces n injures karna, vikarna searches for bheem , bheem arrives in front of him n says im here to kill u n u have no one to protect u. Yudishtir n guru dron arrives in front of eachother, yudishtir says today by no means u shall reach bheem , its my mission today to stop u from reaching bheem. Vikarna says u care for urself n not me bcoz im here to kill u n vikarna with 20

other brothers attack bheem. Karnas attacks injures. Vikarna says so u look scared seeing us 20 warriors, bheem laughs n says u aren’t warriors but kids who have come to play here came attack me.
Gandhari informs dritrashtra that the diyas are about to go off, dritrashtra says go pray for our kids protection or else we shall lose our kids.
Mamashri informs duryodhan about vikarna n bheem n asks him to attack n bheem from behind, duryodhan agrees n leaves for bheem but abhimanyu stops him,abhimanyu says uncle duryodhan don’t fail in front of me, duryodhan says kid i shall fight with u some other days its ur uncle bheems turn today go away, abhimanyu says wat if u die today n i don’t want to lose the opportunity so we shall fight today itself,abhimanyu gets off his rath n steps on the field n duryodhan tries attackim him with gadha but abhimanyu feezes his lower body, duryodhan breaks the ice n when abt to attack back hears vikarna calling for help but abhimanyu creats a barrier of fire n stops duryodhan from reaching vikarna, bheem kills duryodhan brothers one by one n says duryodhan start counting ur brothers bcoz im gonna kill all of them,bheem calls durydhan n says come save ur evil brothers as bheem kills dritrashtra sons the diyas lit by kunti go off one by one ,but duryodhan is unable to save his brothers bcoz of fire n bheem keeps killing his brothers, gandhari realises her sons are dying n begin to mourn, bheem says this vikarna tried stopping vastraharan so i shall give him death with less pain , bheem kills 20 of dritrashtra sons

Duryodhan says bheem i shall give u this same pain back. Karna says i will kill abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. abhimanyu will die on the 13 day of the war. i think………………. any way his death is coming up.

  2. where is 7 july written epi if do you have any problem?????? just inform me yaar

  3. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update 7 july for mahabharat we r waiting plzzz hurry up.

  4. Is that i,akshara achu?

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