Mahabharat 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 4th March 2014 Written Update

Indra Came down to meet krishna n the war gets over between arjun n indra, but he’s still not so happy with arjun’s behaviour, arjun greets him n indra ask if he forgot to do it before, arjun answered smartly saying that he dnt sure about the direction as he’s everywhere, indra calm down n says he can greet him in whatever direction he wants to, all smiles.

Arjun asks Indra to bless them and their people with a place to live which is safe. He wants to build the place in the name of Lord Indra. He names the place as Indraprastha. Indra is happy and agrees for the same provided that the creatures which lived there for so long is protected further by Arjun. Indra praises Arjun’s skills and blesses him.

Indra takes a leave from there, promising that the city will

be built soon, but on other side takshak is not so happy, he think that indra has taken his sons’s side, he vows to finish the generation/last generation/son of pandavas/arjun.

Krishna then asks Arjun to put out the fire. Arjun prays to lord Agni. Lord Agni comes before them. Arjun thanks him for his help. Agni gives Arjun the Kadhavdhanush and takes leave.

After him mayasur came n ask for sorry, krishna is still angry, arjun ask him to forgive him as he forgived takshak, krishna says he forgive takshak as arjun promised to be fair with them n protect them, mayasur beg for sorry n then krishna says that although he has used his powers in a wrong way, still arjjun wants him to forgave him he ‘ll do it but if in future they need him, he’ll surely cum n help them, he promised n leaves.

The snakes go to the people and suck the poison, the people come back to life. Krishna shows them as the indraprastha gets built. The people all praise King yudistra.

Vrusali’s father is searching for her and he asks draupadi about her whereabout. Draupadi is confused too. At the Hastinapur end, the people there find a girl half drowning in the river and bring her to the safety of the land. They recognize Vrushali. Karn’s father is there too and he takes her to a medical help. As vrushali gains conscious, She tells them that she commited suicide as her father perished in kandav prastha. Then she learns from him the people of Indraprasth are fine and a lot many are joining them. Vrushali is happy to hear this and wants to go there.

Vrushali is standing with the people who are preparing to depart to IP. Dury and Sakuni come there. Dury is unhappy that so many leave Hastinapur. He asks if they didn’t trust him and his father. Sakuni says that it is human nature to be attracted to newer things in life. He says they will stay back…he would stop them and goes from there.

Precap: Karn is pushing people who wants to leave to IP very harshly out of the palace gates. Vrushali stands against him n saidshe’ll cross the gate.

Update Credit to: Amor

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