Mahabharat 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Dhritrashtra practicing his speech. Gandhari and Shakuni enter. Dhritrashtra is annoyed .Ambika also comes in at that point. And tells him that today is the day of your coronation. She tells him to come along . She also tells Gandhari but Dhritrashtra tells his mother not to tell Ganshari to walk with him as it will reduce his speed to reach the throne
Shakuni says speed may not be the same but he cant sit on the throne without you
The Court is shown. Pandu and Vidur bow to Bheeshma and satyavati. Vidur takes oath of wisdom and Pandu of dedication. Vidur vows to speak truth always and Pandu vows ti have patience. Vidur vows to stick to Dharma and Pandu to resilience .Vidur vows to serve the throne and Pandu vows to protect the people. Vidur is hailed as Mahamanntri

and Pandu as Senapati

Dhritrashttra arrives and bows to all. Satyavati says after 25 years today Hastinaputr will get its king. She says that she and Bheshma have protected this kingdom all these years . Now time has come for it to get its king.

Dhritrashtra is about to be crowned. Soddenly Vidur speaks up. Satyavati asks him what haooened. He saus he has vowed by truth and dharma and that’s why he has to speak. And whats going on is Adharma. This coronation is against Dharma. A blind man cannot be the king. Satyavati says what is this. Vidur says this is written in Shastra. Satyavati asks why he didn’t say it earlier. Vidur says Dhrma changes with time. Shakuni objects on this statement but Bheshma tells him to quiten. Shakuni says a brother has the right to talk on behaf of his sister. UIt is Dharma. But has that too changed in Hastinapur?
Vidur says to not to see faults in brother is the Dharma of brother but to analyse faults in the king is the dharma of Mantri.
Satyavati says but elder son only has the right on the throne. Visur says thatss only when the sons are equal. When choice is between age and vertues then vertues become more important. A handicapped cannot rule

Dhritrashtra gets annoyed.He says he has been insulted enough and goes away saying call me ehen this discourse ends. Gandhari asks to be taken to him
Satyavati says only because of eyes he cant rule? Why. Visur says eyesight is most important. He has to see things to decide and to be just. Satyavati says for all this there is Senapati Mahamantri and Mantrimandal. Vidur says all these walk behind the king. Its their work to follow. A nation where king is powerless there the Mantris become corrupt
Pandu tries to pacify Dhritrashtra but Dhritrashtra is very upset,Pandu says we can keep our case. Dhritrashtra asks should I plead now?
Pandu asks him to calm down but dristrashtra calls him a backstabber and says this is all his doing. Panadu says this is wrong but Dhritrashtra tells him to go away
He says a complete person can only become king. Shakuni says do you considers yourself as the person? Satyavati asks Visur to answer the question. Vidur says he is only a support system of this kingdom. I am the thorn who supports the flower.And for this kingdom I can be the thorn
Bheesma says Vidur’s locality cannot be doubted. Satyavati says that true but the throne can stay empty no longer, Visur says to crown Pandu as king. Pandu is sad

Precap: Shakuni is very annoyed, He sees this as another injustice to Gandhari

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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