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Mahabharat 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with duryodhan saying to karn only you will kill pandavas after that ahvathma saying to duryodhan that right is of my father duryodhan says that your father is partial. Duryodhan says that karn you have seen dream to kill arjun get resdy to kill him. On the other hand Krishna says that were you ready to fight tomorrow because angraj karn is entering in battlefield. Their aim is to kill only me says arjun but it will not get fulfilled in this generation .krishna says that you have too much confidence on your strength because karn have the weapon which on taking your name if he leaves then no shield which may save you.
Guru drone removes his shield decides not battle and ashvathma requests him but he says i will not obey his orders. Karn goes to take blessings of bhisma he says that karn i know that your kunti putra and not sud putra. And i was knowing it from was your bad luck that you got first place in thse adharmi people.
After knowing everything that i think that you will sacrifice the battle. I cant do that says karn because my life is sacrificed to duryodhan . mahim give me blessing that after my death i may get respect. Mahim says that respect can be obtained by showing your true strength and not doing any i give you blessing that you may get respect if you do what i have told you. On the other hand shakuni says that duryodhan you have did today a big adharma.
But duryodhan says that you never had believed my friend. Because he is tied up all sorts of dharma says shakuni. But duryodhan says that only my friend karn can kill pandavas. Ashvathama says that what that friend can do whose aim is only to kill arjun and not anyone else. It is useless making him senapati.

Pre-cap:- duryodhan says that tomorrow onwards karns aim will be only to kill arjun.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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