Mahabharat 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Draupad announcing the arrival of his guest Vasudev Krishn. As Krishna comes, Sakuni looks cunning. He asks his nephews to extend their friendship with Krishna. Dushasan asks why. Sakuni says that its because no one has brains to be his foe. Krishna passes Rukmi and specially greets him with a smirk, Rukmi turns to the other side annoyed. Krishna comes to Sakuni. Sukuni greets him. Krishna calls him Mama Sri. Sakuni asks why he is calling him Mama Sri. Krishna says that its because he is his cousin’s Mama. So he is Mama for him too.. Sakuni says he is scared if Krishna calls him Mama. Krishna tells him if its because he gave mukthi to his Mama Kans. Dury and Dushasan greet Krishna. Karn and Krishna greet eachother. They have a small talk aout Dharma. Krishna tells

Karn to not stand by Adharma and if something is not righful, not to support it. Krishna says about a river is rightfully owned by an ocean. Karn asks if he is speaking about the ocean’s mightiness.. or Nature’s way? Krishna says that he is talking about the River’s destiny.

Draupadi comes out of the lotus flower.. her tune starts playing… As she comes, All the kings all ogle at her. Karn is looking down, Dury is impressed and so is Dushasan. Dury says he wants her to add to the beauty of Hastinapur. Dushasan also comments about her beauty and asks Karn to look at her. Karn says no, and asks him also not to look at her as if she gets married to Dury, she will be like a mother to him. Dushasan is feeling guilty and agrees with Karn. Druapadi greets her father and then Krishna. She asks Krishna if Arjun will come. Krishna smiles at her.

The kings come one by one to try their poweress on the bow. No one is able to lift the bow itself and is mocked at mercilessly.

At the jungle, The pandavas decide to go to a village otehr than Kampliya. They see some sanyasis. They ask them to join them to go to Kampilya as the king will give them dhaan. But The pandavas go the other way.

Draupad comments as each of the kings fail to lift the bow, that only Arjun can win it. But Krishna corrects him that not only Arjun, even Karn will be able to win it. Druapad says that he is a Sutr putra. Krishna says that he wont stop him based on his birth as he is a capable person. But if Draupadi is not willing to marry him, she can stop him.

Dury asks Karn to lift the bow. Dury announces to the gathering that Karn is his friend and he has rights to participate.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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