Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 31st October 2013 Written Update

The lessons on hatred continue with Shakuni dishing it out Shovelful to Dhritarashtr and Duryodhan while Gandhari as usual does the stone statue of Indian Heritage monuments ..

The “Blind” father in Dhrithrashtr wants to ensure that the rooms allocated to Pandavas are situated lower than his sons , He also commands the architect that under no circumstance should Duryodhan ever get to see the flags of Pandavas flying ..

Duryodhan and Shakuni manipulate Dhritarashtr and get him to decide on crowning Duryodhan as the crown prince. Dury & Shakuni give a silent look of triumph.

Kaurava’s and Pandavas meet at the dining hall, Dury’s pitiful attempt at extracting revenge backfires as Yudishtr sees through his ploy and calls him out. The stand off continues with the Kauravas marching on to their respective seats while Pandava’s look on helplessly.. Bhishma and Vidur walk into the dining room and understand the situation at a glance, Bhishm orders Duryodhan and his 6 brothers to yield place for the Pandavas , The Kauravas do with ill grace .. Before the boys can even have a mouthful , Bhishma sets them a test .. he tells them to eat without folding their hand *crooking their elbow*

Kunti comes to know from Dushala that the Kaurava’s consider Pandavas as their enemies and that Duryodhan harbors ‘Kingly’ ambition ..

Bhima has had enough of Kaurava’s teasing , He shakes them out of the trees and the Kauravas fall to the ground like ripe, colorful Mangoes ..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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