Mahabharat 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 31st March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with mahamatri vidhur stopping duryodhan on betting on his brothers, even bhishm stops him n asks him why not bet on his parents he is responsible of them too on this duryodhan says parents are god’s gift and so his not betting on them. Mahamatri questions duryodhan how can he is responsible for his brothers on this mamashri explains saying similarly the way you were responsible for samrat dhritrashtra and pandu.

When everyone has to go according to the rules nakul on himself decides to be betted saying he could be rescued by bheem and arjun but he cannot rescue them with no option yudishtir decides to bet on nakul.

Meanwhile draupadi on knowing about this decides to find a way out of it and sends message with help of hibiscus. on looking at hibiscus yudishtir gets the message what draupadi wants to says though im proud of my brothers they are now responsible of draupadi as well so i cant bet on him.

On this mamashri asks yudishtir that before marriage didn’t yudishtir had responsibilities towards his brother and did he give all this to draupadi after marriage….on being clearly explained by mamashri about yudishtir being still be responsible towards his brothers he had to bet on nakul.

The game begins yudishtir needs no 4 to save nakul but he gets no 5 ,now was duryodhans turn and he needs no 7 to defeat yudishtir and as mamashri throughs the dice ,the dice shows no 7 and duryodhan wins yudishtir loosing nakul and the whole sabha begins tho laugh at the samrat who is in tears losing his brother nakul .

On winning duryodhan calls upon nakul and asks him to sit with his das(servant) in his feet , on this arjun looses his temper, he says nakul is as pure as the padukas(footwear) of god ram on this yudishtir asks arjun to cool down.

Duryodhan calls nakul as das nakul in front of whole sabha and orders him to sit in his feat like his other das(servent)……

Draupadi says she will give order to stop the game and the game is showed to still continued…!!!!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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