Mahabharat 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 30th October 2013 Written Update

The proposal to make Duryodhan is shot down

The Pandavas leave their forest dwelling and head back to Hastinapur !

Kunti speaks about the Kauravas as their brothers and the 105 sons of Kuru dynasty while Shakuni introduces the Pandavas as the mortal enemy of Duryodhan fostering enmity and hatred in his minds .

The subjects of Hastinapur line up both streets and greet the returning queen Kunti with downcast face, Some touch her feet and seek her blessings..Karn who had been in the crowd is propelled towards Kunti and the force of the crowd pushes him towards her feet..Mother and son meet one another without knowing their exact identity.

Kunti and her sons enter the palace and are greeted Kauravas and the ladies warmly .. Gandhari takes Kunti for cleansing ritual while the Pandavas are guided towards their palace by the guards

Pandavas take the first step towards the palace and are met with hostile reception of the Kaurava lads. Dushasan throws the first volley and demands that the servants meaning Pandavas should prostate themselves at their feet , Yudishtr agrees that they should be saluted , asks Nakul and Sahadev to salute Dushsan as he is eldest to them ..Just then Duryodhans voice rings out stating arrogantly that he is the ordained Crown prince and that his father is the emperor SO the Pandavas should lick their feet .. bhim challenges him to prove that fact.. The stand off seems to be indefinite when Bhishm steps in, points out that Yudi is the eldest and by all laws Kaurava’s should be seeking Yudi’s blessings … He commands the Kauravas to seek their blessings..

The Kauravas unwillingly bend down and seek the belssings , On Seeing the sly sign from Shakuni, Duryodhan too bends down in front of Yudi

Bhsihm sets a interesting test for the children of Kuruvamsha.. which leaves all puzzling..

Update Credit to: Tinkerbell

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