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Mahabharat 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, shikhandi attacks bhishma with arrow, unwillingly n in tears the pandavas lift their weapons memorising bhishmas blessing they begin to attack bhishma, bhishma smiles at them as they attack him , unable to bare the attacks bhishma falls on ground yet still smiling, Krishna asks arjun help bhishma get rid of his pain, arjun lifts his gandiv n attacks bhishma with n number of arrows n the sunsets with bhishma lying on bed of arrows , bhishma memorises devi ambas curse , pandavas run to bhishma , all the soldiers gather there . draupadi , kunti n gandhari, karna all are informed about bhishma. Arjun says how could fate made me do this evilness of killing u n i feel like i have opened the doors of hell for me, i have betrayed my forefathers n my upbringing, bhishma says arjun don’t cry u have jst followed my orders so don’t cry n my life was a waste, yudishtir says no ur life is not a waste we need ur guidance, bhishma says dharma will guide u now onwards n always follow the path of truth , bheem says u were our support from our childhood u have saved us all the time n we are the ones who killed u, nakul says my medicine will cure bhishma, bhishma says don’t do this sons ur bound to me , Krishna says this is not bound this love of pandavas towards u they love u, all ur life u have battled to complete ur promises now u have fulfilled all of them n if u want u can live happily, bhishma says i will prefer death, duryodhan arrives n says u have killed bhishma evil arjun n u call this ur dharma, u are a killer u have killed the root of my family n u evil yudishtir u have killed bhishma for victory n i will bid him by killing u bheem says the sun has set n now u cant attack , the sun has set for me n this is bcoz of arjun i will kill him.

I will give away my body only when my pandu sons will gain their respect back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. it is heart touching place bheeshma vadh. arjun is greatest warrior in the mahabharat. he is a dearmost grandson of bheeshma.

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