Mahabharat 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,Krishna says to karna this is not lord parshurams curse but a painful truth, karna says but i had tried very hard to learn this knowledge, Krishna says but u learned this knowledge for the purpose of revenge, when humans use knowledge as aweapon he can never make use of it, knowledge is connected to ur soul n so when u aquire knowledge for the purpose of certain desire he can never make good use of it n this is why u cannot make use of ur knowledge, ur reason for knowledge was to let someone down, karna says i competed bcoz people always insulted me, Krishna says karna this is wrong caste discrimination is crime i agree, karna says then what is my fault if i did so, Krishna says karna there was time when maharshi was killed, on this maharshis son made destroyance of adhrama as

his life mantra n didn’t set to take revenge n he is lord parshuram now, so it was u to take the right from ur situation n wat u did was sacrificed urself to duryodhan whose life is full of adhrama n don’t forget ur responsible for ur brothers kids death u didn’t respect ur mother n now u have lost ur knowledge in this race of superiority, karna says but duryodhan has many good deeds for suth community n i cant forget them , Krishna says he didn’t do for suths but for u , n u were never thought abt this, karna says ur right Krishna, Krishna says if u had used ur strength in helping people with similar conditions like urs, today u would get the respect u always needed n if u hadn’t supported duryodhan this war wouldn’t take place, karna says ur right Krishna i didn’t learned the true meaning of dharma, Krishna says its time for u to quit ur adharma n accept death n in this decision of urs there is good for world, karna agrees, n says tell y mother to forgive me n to draupadi for forgiveness as well, Krishna says ur rath is stuck n ur weaponless n in such condition u are killed n this is ur strengths certificate, Krishna brings everything to normal, n says arjun without thinking kill angraj karna, karna says if my rath comes out i will have to fight back n i will as a soldier try my best n its time for sunset n before all of this kill me n i would like to be with my father now, karna goes to his rath n tries to remove it, Krishna looks at arjun n says its time for sunset make use of this situation n free karna from his sins, arjun lifts his dhanush aims it at karna , karma looks at him n smiles n nods to arjun, arjuns arrow strucks karnas neck n he falls down, arjun is in tears . a lotus near kunti burns n she realises karna is dead, the sunsets mamashri says suth putra has also betrayed us, nakul says abhimanyus killer has dead, bheem says panchalis insult witness has died, arjun is in tears but karna smiles at him.

Kunti informs pandavas abt he being their brother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Karn u r superb. I’ll miss u after your death in series.

  2. Karna we will miss you a lot and lot my eyes are filled with tears while reading this

  3. Karna my eyes are filled with tears while reading this

  4. At this point I hate all the padavas and krishna…

  5. Mainly I hate panjali, Karna insulted her because she insulted him in the suyamvaram…. whe she will get the punishment…

  6. Karna is such a great warrior and great man T.T

  7. shambavi gowda

    karna ur grt warrior. . miss u

  8. Karna adalah pemanah terbaik. Kemampuannya jauh lebih baik daripada arjuna..

  9. vyshakhi vinod kumar

    Miss u karn..

  10. vyshakhi vinod kumar

    <3 karn …!

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