Mahabharat 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 29th October 2013 Written Update

Satyawati ask vidhur to return back to hastinapur with kunti n kids, vidhar ask abt her n she says that she’s not going to cum back, its tym to move on, she says that he’s returning with the future king of hastinapur so he dnt have to wrry abt it.

Next scene, shakuni in the market place says that thy dnt need to morn on pandu’s death he’s gone now n now thy need to follow DR’s orders n he want to make duryodhan the yuvraj n start doing his jai jai kaar but villagers dnt reply to him, thy were upset for pandu, a kid came thr n says maharaj pandu ki jai, shakuni was surprised n angry but dnt reacted that much, he called the kid closer n ask him to say maharaj pandu amar rahe.

Next scene, shakuni was playing chausar n bhishm came n ask to join him in the game, n also warns him of hios conspiracies saying that he has the power to burn the conspirator with his eyes, shakuni was l’il scared. They start the game n shakuni got six points n while playing he described six points of his benefit, it starts with DR trusts him, pandu is dead, he’s not king, he has to follow orders, vidhur is not thr, duryodhan gonna be the yuvraj, in reply to his dirty tricks bhishm gave a solid reply saying that his father is ill so its tym for him to get set go n return to gandhar, a prince can’t be entitled as yuvraj untill he acheive education, although DR is king but rajmata is still alive, a king can’t take decision on his own on this topic, n lastly DR has not yet given him order not to kill shakuni, so its better for him to make DR understand to not take such step.

Next scene, gandhari try to make DR understand to wait for vidhur before annoncing it, but DR take it otherwise like always, but shakuni came n changed his side n says that the praja is talking abt him that he’s not capable of putting forth his point to the ministers thats y he’s doing it in thr abscense, DR agrees to him n decides to postposned it, gandhari thank shakuni for saving the matter.

Next Scene, karn was going away from hastinapur n challenges that he’ll return one day after gaining all education.

Precap: Kunti with pandavas return to hastinapur, ppl gather in large amount to welcum him, karn n kunti’s first encounter.

Update Credit to: Amor

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