Mahabharat 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 29th March 2014 Written Update

Epi start with Sakuni asked yudi about his agreement with those rules n Yudi said yes I agreed..
Sakuni said duri do want this as King Yudi will play till when duri look at draupadi n agreed.
Sakuni asked to bheeshma r u happy with this all now
Bheeshma nodded yes..
Sakuni said u have to stay here till the end to see that there will be no unfair thing will happen
Bheeshma sat down when Sakuni asked queen Draupadi now u can leave from here n enjoy with Queen gandhari…Kaurava look at her with evil eyes…
Draupadi came n said to yudi u may be felt proud for something but u don’t have the rights on there so before do the bait think over it
Yudi said promise.
Draupadi before leaving look at Duri n sakuni when they look at her evilly…

n Kunti also went with them
Sakuni asked who will play on behalf of u.Duri asked is it rule…when Duri said I’m not good with playing dice so give u the rights to my uncle Sakuni..
Arjun look offended n said ur game listen to u then.Sakuni said Bheeshma said it’s my destiny n if I have the right on my destiny then I can never gave the right to do any mistake with Gandhar
Sakunti said here it King Yudi n the dice game start ..start from Duri…
At first Yudi is in upper hand…
There Draupadi look tensed in the the woman palace with kunti n gandhari who is showing some cloths to Draupadi…

Draupadi said I don’t have any attraction for this meterail things…I only want my husband’s n my acceptance by u all
Gandhari said u r all r from this family
when Kunti said Dice game is not war , Dice played cause of enjoyment…
there in Duri said I bait my all dreams n if u will loose sakuni mama then my luck will go wrong…

Sakuni said my kid…I will kill his worry then his trust then …him…the game start now
then Sakuni said let’s see what my kid dur’s luck said he need only 12 n …start of real game of revenge from kaurava n Sakuni n Sakuni said 12 n Game turn n it showed 12
Kaurava n Karna smiles mockingly when Duri still didn’t left his calm…

there maid servant came n inform Draupadi about the dice game
when Draupadi want to know the about game n it’s ended or not but Maid servant came no there will be sec round now.

Sec round is about to start when Yudi asked again will bait ur whole property when Duri smiles n said the game of property ended n who will proud for the property in real but the real proud we felt for the relation
Duri came down n said I felt proud of my brother Bikarna n as he is younger than me then I have the rights on him…
Duri said I’m giving my bait on Bikarna…all look shocked when duri said if I loose then Bikarna will be ur slave forever…
so now king said the name of ur younger bro…
all look shocked n pandav get up from their seat when Yudi look fully confused n shock

Yudi bait nakul n Sakuni start the game when Duri said I need only 7 then only Nakul will be my slave

Update Credit to: Krishna_Sourav

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