Mahabharat 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna says karna has quit his rath that means he has surrender, arjun says get back to rath or else i wont attack u but will answer ur attacks, duryodhan says karna get back to ur rath or he will get another chance, mamashri shakuni says get back to rath n as per our plans kill arjun, duryodhan says karna don’t let me give u orders, karna says but i want to kill him by my strength ,duryodhan says thats it karna n now its my order memorise nagrajs name n attack arjun to kill him, karna steps on his rath n follows duryodhans orders, karna says nagraj sit on my arrow n aims the arrow at arjun n attacks him, the arrow breaks arjuns attack n when abt to kill him Krishna tilts the rath n the arrow hits a soldier, Krishna with arjun moves , duryodhan says mamashri how did that happen,

mamashri says it is bcoz of Krishna as long as he is with arjun he is undefeatable, karna says give me permission n i shall not let u down , duryodhan does so, karna follows arjuns rath, arjun says karna has challenged us n we shd face it , Krishna says not accepting his challenge is amongst our plans , remember ur lessons, arjun says but im strong enough to face him, Krishna says for sure but now its not the right time wait for it, karna says don’t run away arjun u cant run away, arjun says Krishna people will laugh at me, Krishna says they do laugh on me as well n im ur sarthi so u will have to face this , karnas rath get stuck in sand, karna says remove the rath from here, shalya says thats not my duty, karna says im suth son n i can deal with it n need no help of urs, karna keeps his dhanush aside n steps down the rath, Krishna says great warrior karna n takes rath in front of him, Krishna says sometime before u had challenged arjun to fight on ground n now he accepts ur challenge, arjun says but karna is without his dhanush how can i attack him, Krishna says its of no use to talk on it attack karna, karna says Krishna its adharma u cant do so, Krishna says wasn’t that adharma wen u insulted a women, Krishna says arjun don’t get diverted attack karna, karna tries to remove his rath, karna says arjun let me take my weapon nthen shall we fight, Krishna says don’t waste time arjun attack karna, karna says arjun don’t do adhama if u do so i will use brahmastra n destroy world, Krishna says arjun attack karna, seeing this karna tries calling his brahmastra, Krishna says karna is forgetting his knowledge its right time attack him , arjun lifts his weapon, karna says arjun u cannot attack a weaponless warrior, Krishna says karna then why did u kill abhimanyu he was even weaponless, karna says i did so to help him get rid of his pain, arjun says who gave pain to abhimanyu it was ur friend, within few seconds if u don’t show up ur knowledge i will kill u with anjali shastra, karna says lord parshuram why m i not able to use my knowledge, Krishna freezes everything except karna n says karna memeorise parshurams words.

Karna says arjun before sunset kill me, Krishna says arjun free angraj karnas from his mistakes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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