Mahabharat 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 28th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Duryodhan telling mamashri about taking revenge from pandavas by means of dropadi(by vastraharan ) , shakuni (mamashri ) encourages this decision of duryodhan saying dropadi has married 5 pandavas which defines her character. Meanwhile Guru Dron enters the sabha of samrat dritrashtra, mamashri tells duryodhan ,today guru dron will watch the side of his favourite students which even the whole world hasn’t seen.

Guru dron wishes samrat yudishtir whereas yudishtir stops him saying a student never becomes so big that his teacher has to wish me. Guru dron likes this down to earth attitude of yudishtir and tells him that the world expects from such person and yudishtir says this is why this yodh sabha is dron says i know u will never cross ur lines(adharma)

but promise me if u see any one following the path of adharma u will not forgive the person. Duryudhan informs karna to remain alert since he doesn’t trust bheem and nakul , karna says don’t worry m always there to protect u but for the sena of hastinapur we need pitama bhishmas permission ,duryodhan says bhishma is just a sevak if pandvas attain a state of war evenpitma can’t stop us.

Meanwhile pitama bhishma comes and tells kauravas not to spoil this sabha n though im a sevak of hastinapur im in favour of samrat yudishtir.durydhan tells mahamahim(bhishma) tat i have called pandavas n dropadi to apologise my behaviour.

Mamashri tells dutyodhan he knew bhishma will do this but u don’t worry i will teach him such a lesson to him that he will have to redefine his principles of dharma.

Yudhistir enters the sabha and samrat driyrashtra greets him and asks him to begin him for the Dut game. yudishtir invites duryodhan to begin the game. Duryudhan invites mamashri to inform about the game rules. mamashri says the game of dut has always been considered bad in the history.

Part 2

Mamashri says the rules will not be specified by me but mahamahim bhism as he is the most deserving person here and yudishtir says make rules so that we don’t cross the line of adharma. Mahamahim agress and says the first rule is all ladies will not attain this game . duryodhan denise with the rule saying this is in the honor of the queen draupadi . bhishma sys in that case we need to close this game because im sure the queen is more interested in other musical entertainment show. Draupadi agrees on this .mamashri interepts and says we agree with the rule but for the sake of samrat yudishtirs care we require dasis(lady servents) so give them permission to stay in sabha. Bhishma agrees on it.
Rule 2- each player at a time will bet only one item at a time and it should be of equal value.
Rule 3-the players will bet only those items which belongs to the player.
On this duryodhan says samrat yudishtir owns the whole aryavarth bhishm interrupts and say u own nothing duryodhan continues saying i m the future king of hastinapur , bhishma continues saying thats in future and not now, u cant to bet on hastinapur but only on his clothes ,gold n gold coins nsamrat yudishtir will bet on similar equal value things duryodhan again interrupts saying i don’t agree with it as it will lead to closure of game , bhishm says that is what i want.

Pitama orders to close the game if duryodhan dosent agree with the rule . duryodhan says he will not let the closure n will not accept the rules . bheem asks duryodhan the reson for not acceotance of the rule. Mamashri interrupts saying the rule will not please the king n we have organised the game for this reason n no rule is a problem . he requests king yudishtir to let him give n advice.

Mamashri asks y do we play games for the sake of money or kingdom ,the king replys we play it to exoerince the joy of winning the game . mamashri says the winning n losing the game helps in the pride(garva) increament n king yudishtir agrees . Mamashri says in that case why not both players bet on their garva n responsibilities and the game will be considered complete only when
the beted responsibility is not associated with any pride.

Sahhadev disagrees saying we have no idea what does brother doryodhan has in terms of pride and responsibilities , mamasri interrupts him saying buy we know what the king has in the following
terms n its the aryavarth to pride for but duryodhan has nothing even not handful of it. N asks the king wether he agrees with the rules and yudishtir says YES.

Precap: game begins and duryodhan says after all the wealth lets bet on our brothers now. i bet on my brother vikant ,who do you bet on…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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