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Mahabharat 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nagraj appears, duryodhan asks will you help us against pandavas, nagraj says yes for sure i have worked hard for years to make myself strong against these pandavas, the attacks of karna will be his but the poison on it will be mine n the revenge will be mine, karna says ur showing disrespect to me n this is adharma as well keep faith in me n i shall kill arjun,mamashri shakuni says wen we win we shall rewrite the meaning of dharma n adharma n remember wen nagraj will kill arjun ur oath n dignity will remain intact, nagraj says karna any arrow of urs along with which u take my name it will turn to poison, whichever arrow im sitting of urs it will be like another special weapon to u.
Arjun gets ready for war n so does karna. Karna is in tears kunti appears in front of him,

kunti calls him, karna says mother ur here for blessings or for asking life of ur son arjun ,i have already saved four sons of ur, kunti gives him sword n says do a favour for ur weapon, i know ur bound to ur oath so i will not ask to withdraw urself but today when u n arjun will face each other its like facing death for me so plz give me death right now, karna snatches the sword n says ur a warriors mother n these words don’t suit u, this Warfield has snatches so many sons, think abt their mothers n this step of urs is like insulting them, a mother is sons strength plz let me do that duty n throughtout the war i shall follow the promise is had given to u at the end of the war u will be called the son of 5 n that shall remain true, kunti says in this war a mothers love is gonna lose, so i request u to give me the permission to enclose the truth of ur relation with the pandavas, karna smiles n says ur words indicate that arjuns gonna kill me, but its fine if arjun kills me , my five brothers me give me funeral as a brother n not enemy.
Day17 of war:
Arjun n karna are in front of eachother, karna says m waiting for this opportunity since long time n now its come,shalya calls karna a coward, karna says think befor u say remember my sacrifice of giving kavach, arjun says karna u had asked for special weapon from gods n i didnt i can kill u with my usual weapons. Arjun n karna begin to attack eachother, mamashri says duryodhan that karna isn’t using nagrajs poison, duryodhan says i think i shd go to karna. Karna says at arjuns attack that this wont do no harm to him,karna sees shalya isn’t supporting him properly he tries to tell him but shalya speaks bad abt his decisions n dosent listen to any of his orders n shalya says even if u stand in hell u will never defeat arjun, karna says if u don’t shutup i will kill u, shalya smiles n says arjun this guy is scared of u , karna steps down says i don’t need ur rath shalya, arjun says don’t giveup ur rat hi cant attack u, karna says then come down, arjun abt to steo off his rath, Krishna says no arjun karna has stepped down this means he has given up.

Karna calls nagraj to sit on his arrows to kill arjun.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. As usual Tanaya, thanks for updating 🙂 but a little fast update please 🙂

  2. i really fell bad for karna and maa kunti

  3. The words of kunti and the great warrior karna make us to emotional

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