Mahabharat 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 28th February 2014 Written Update

1) Pandav with so many residents of Hastinapur move to Khandavprasth. They want to migrate because they love maharaaj Yudhistir and Pandav.

2) Duryodhan becomes heavily jealous of Yudhistir for almost all residents of Hastinapur are going with him. Then Shakuni suggests him to be patient.

3) Shakuni says that “cuckoo lays egg in crow’s nest, when the child is born, cuckoo takes it. Just that way if Pandav establish a new town in Khandavprasth, we shall snatch it from them”

4) Bhishma asks his Ma Ganga “what sort of sin have I committed for which my kingdom got divided? ”

5) At that moment Shikhandini arrives their. Amba’s soul enters Shikhandini. Pitamah sees Amba once and after that Shikhandini in one body.

6) She says boldly “In previous birth I told you that you would suffer for your own family. The throne for which you ruined my life, will make you suffer like hell. You loved your family so much that you forgot your dignity! and that is your sin; You will cry to die, you will call your death and at that moment; I… I shall be there to be the cause of your death.”

7) Pandav reach Khandavprasth, but the people become a little anxious to see the dangerous condition of that land. They ask each other curiously “how shall we live here?” Then another old person replied “Indra dev cursed this city but we have his son Arjun with us, so no worry”…

8) Vrushali is immature and childish. She complains to Draupadi; “I didn’t want to come here, I love Hastinapur, why have I come here to struggle so much? I know, Panduputro can be good, but they will not do justice to common people” (childishly)

9) Then Draupadi holds her hand and calls her “sakhi” and assures her that she and her husbands are going to do complete justice not only to common people but also to the snakes.

10) A naga-man calls Takshak, the poisonous Mayavi snake and informs him that Pandav have arrived. He stands up with demoniac fearful appearance.

Precap: Couldn’t watch it

Update Credit to: Sukanya

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