Mahabharat 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 27th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pandavas saying to Yuddhishtir that they should not go as Duryodhan must be up to some foul play, we may loose the rights over our land, yudhishtir says who has right over land in reality. A fish intakes water and throws it out but does not get right on it similarly we will leave this earth and this land will belong to someone else. Today we made this kingdom if we loose it we can creat a kingdom somewhere else but we cannot loose our self respect. Panchali says it’s not just a question of land I have a feeling that if we protect our pride we will loose our Dharma and if we protect our Dharma we will loose everything, yudhishtir says if we protect our dharma we can regIn everything else but we cannot say no to our elder the king of hastinapur

Next scene shows Pandavas

arrive at hastinapur. as they are coming duryodhan says we will take away there everything. Shakuni says go and say Pranam to chakravarti samrrat for the last time

As the pandavas arrive there is an Eric feel as if something very bad is about to happen. Dhritrashtea is standing at the palace gate and says to yudhiishtir that when empower comes his wish is asked so what is your wish? He says my wish is to touch your feet. Dhritrashtra says a king does not touch anyone’s feet . I am very proud of you. Let me be happy in my pride

Duryodhan touches the feet of yudhishtir and yudhishtir blesses him. Then he wishes Draupadi and says our court is not as grand as yours so if there is any lessening of your welcome please forgive. But his eyes are saying something else and Draupadi also perceives it. But as she is about to reply Shakuni comes and tells all to come in.

Gandhari takes Draupadi to kuldevi temple before going in

As sehedev enters the palace he feels something is wrong , Arjun and Nakul ask him what happened. He says I am getting strange vibrations, as if something very bad is about to happen. Something so bad that no one can think of it and it has never happened in history before, Arjun says but here we have tatshri bheeshna rajmata, mata and pitamah, if anything bad will happen these people will surely say something

Sehedev says bad times are such that your most trusted support also leaves you. Ropes turn into snakes. He says that I have a feeling that when bad time will come they will all stay quite

Bheeshna is in deep thought . He is also getting premonition of disaster. Viburnum asks him to stop the dut as he says he is sure Shakuni will do something, bheeshma says his wings have been clipped and his rights are reduced but still he will talk to Duryodhan

Shakuni and gang are sitting. Dushasan says take everything away from them. There kingdom, army wealth. Shaking says not only that I will take away their pride and make them slaves. Duryodhan says not just that I want there wife to be made a slave, she took away our weapons we will steal her clothes

Draupadi comes from front

dice game starts Shakuni says we will stake whatever we are proud of.

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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