Mahabharat 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 27th February 2014 Written Update

1) Pandav shed tears to hear that their beloved mother has to stay in Hastinapur and they are going to be separated from their mother.

2) Kunti comes down and accepts the king’s order to stay back in Hastinapur.

3) Shakuni tells Duryodhan “now Pandav’s mother is living with us. So, now you can do anything… anything. Pandav will never attack Hastinapur”

4) Draupadi says to kunti “how shall I advise your sons? You sons need your love and guidance.” Kunti consoles her and says that she is able to take care of her sons.

5) Nakul says that the king has taken wrong decision to separate their mother from them. Everybody becomes so disheartened but Kunti encourages them to shine with honesty and prosperity.

6) She also advises everybody to obey every decision of Yudhistir.
After that they leave.

Shakuni and others feel so happy to see Pandav leaving but Karn leaves the place for he felt bad.

7) Pitamah advises Pandav “Acquire kingdom, gain wealth but have no greed; never be jealous of others’ prosperity. Never show-off you power. Always tolerate and be patient. Remember; patience and endurance will be the holder of your dharma”

He advised in such a way so that Duryodhan and others also can hear it. He knows that he needs not advice Pandav.

8) Then Arjun asks him “are you not coming with us Pitamah?”

9) Pitamah tries to hide the fact that Dhritarashtra has compelled him to stay in Hastinapur but Arjun being so sensitive understands the real cause. He says “The king has given us kingdom but taken away so many things”

10) Still Pitamah doesn’t shed tears so that his beloved Pandav don’t lose their determination. He encourages them more and show the path.

11) Pandav see that so many residents of Hastinapur are ready to go with them. Vrushali’s father introduces his daughter to Draupadi who is going to stay with her always. He requests Yudhistir to take them with him. Most of the residents show great interest to go with Yudhistir.

Update Credit to: Sukanya

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