Mahabharat 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with the Pandavas, Draupadi and Krishna flying kites on the roof. Draupadi asks Krishna where he got the idea of flying kites from. Krishna says humans are like kites, with a string of desires. If the desires become out of control then people can lose control.
Draupadi says this can also happen due to other people’s actions.
Suddenly Krishna cuts right hand on the kite string, and transfers the kite into his left hand, without saying anything. Draupadi notices and exclaims that his hand is bleeding.
Draupadi rips off a piece of her sari and uses it to bandage Krishna’s finger. He says other people’s actions can cause us to lose control, but at these times it is best to stay patient and be in control of our own emotions.
Draupadi looks serious listening

to his words. She asks Krishna whether something like that will happen to them.
She says that he can see the future. Krishna denies this, he reiterates that he judges what people’s actions will be, based on their behaviour. Krishna says that out of jealously, Dhritrashta’s sons will definitely do something to the Pandavas.
He says if that happens then Draupadi should protect her most valuable possession, and by doing so the path of happiness will appear. Draupadi asks Krishna, won’t you be with us? Krishna says he must go to protect Dwarka as King Shalva is on his way to attack. Krishna tells Draupadi that he is always with her.
He says he is with all of them in their minds,but if a situation causes them to lose their mind, then he will also be lost from them.

Duryodhan, Dushasan and Shakuni are playing dice, with Dhritrashta sitting nearby. Vidhur enters the room. Dhrit tells him that he has a task for him that will make him happy. Dhrit says that he wants the Pandavas and Draupadi to come to Hastinapur, especially since Draupadi didn’t have a proper welcome the first time she came to their city.
Dhrit says they will organise everything so that Draupadi gets a fitting welcome, and Duryodhan smirks at this. Dhrit says they should also call Drona and his son. Dhrit tells Vidhur to personally go and invite the Pandavas and Draupadi.
Dhrit orders that there will be no weapons present, and he pretends to remind Duryodhan that he must welcome the Pandavas with love and affection.
Dhrit tells Vidhur that Duryodhan has organised a gambling arena, and tells Vidhur to take the invitation to Indraprasta.
Shakuni rolls the dice and they land, he then says a number and the dice move on their own, and land on the number he called out. They all laugh seeing this.

In Indraprasta, a pregnant Subhadra is playing dice with a dasi. She rolls the dice and says she has won, but the dasi says she did a wrong move. Subhadra looks embarrassed and tells the dasi that she must not know how to play. She says she will play with Arjun instead. She calls out to him, but Arjun is too busy studying war formations.
Subhadra asks Arjun to play dice with her. Arjun tells her that the fetus inside the womb gets its sanskaar from its mother’s actions. He asks whether she wants to give his child dice playing sanskaar. Arjun says he wants his child to have lessons on love and war, not dice and wine.
Subhadra says Arjun won’t be able to teach the child about love as he doesn’t know himself. She tells him to give a lesson on war, Arjun says you won’t fall asleep will you? Subhadra says if it is interesting then I won’t fall asleep.
Arjun begins explaining the chakravyuh to Subhadra. She begins to get bored and lies down on the sofa. Arjun gets to the part where a warrior must break through the 7 circles to escape the chakravyuh, and says that a different tactic is needed for this. Arjun turns to find Subhadra is asleep and smiles.
A dasi arrives and says that Vidhur has come to the sabha and the Samrat has requested his presence.

Vidhur is brought into the Indraprasta sabha. He tells Yudhishtir that he has brought gifts on behalf of Hastinapur. Yudhishtir says that he will build a huge mandir as thanks for these gifts, as Dhrit is always worshipped by him. Vidhur says that there will be a festival to welcome the Pandavas and especially Draupadi. Arjun arrives while Vidhur tells Yudhishtir that Duryodhan wants to play dice with him.
Arjun says before accepting any kind of invitation, family elders and experienced advisers should always be consulted. Vidhur agrees with Arjun. Arjun smiles and touches Vidhur’s feet and asks Vidhur for advice on whether they should accept the invitation.
Vidhur tells a soldier to take his ministerial sceptre and Yudhishtir clears out the sabha. Once they have privacy, Vidhur tells them that they shouldn’t accept this invitation under any circumstance.
Vidhur says he is sure that Shakuni is plotting something.

Precap: Duryodhan says, today should bring my last success. The Pandavas arrive in Hastinapur. Duryodhan says he will reduce Draupadi to a dasi. They took his weapons, now he will take their clothes in front of the entire sabha.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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